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For all you book lovers out there, and read like mad. Have you ever thought what book genre you would be? Sure, there are some genres that you prefer to read or write, but what genre are you really.

Are you a romantic person, who's just filled with emotions? Do you like adventure, mysteries or green invading aliens on planet earth? What ever it may be, you can't know until you finish this quiz, now can't you?

Created by: Music789
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3. Your significant other has to leave to someplace far away for something important about their job.
Give them a tender embrace, and tell them you'll miss them
Kiss them as long as you can before have to leave for their job mission.
Tell them that you'll send them e-mails and call every night to tell them you love them
What?! You can't leave without me, I'm coming with you!
4. An invasion of foreign aliens raid planet earth!! You...
Quick! Run for you life!
Help anybody in need, then run for your life.
Find their space craft, then gather as many people and family members as you can without getting notice, then fly off and find another planet to live on where the aliens can't find you.
Fight back! Those stupid green headed brain suckers will never get me! *Finds secret stash of weapons and uses to defeat aliens*
5. There's a test coming up in school, and it's in your favorite and best subject. You...
Don't need to study, I know EVERYTHING!!
Study like crazy, I still want good grades. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best!
Don't study, then cheat off of someone else and hope that they studied.
Grab a good buddy and study together at their house.
6. One of your friends doesn't want to be your friend anymore. You
Crawl into a dark corner, never wanting to see the daylight ever again.
Have a good cry, then get over it and move on in life.
Shrug your shoulders, and pretend nothing ever happened.
Cry like a baby for months, wishing they would be your friend again.
7. You decide to take a summer class, and realize that you don't like the class at first. Your reaction is...
I'll wait and see. You never know, I might like it near the end.
Complain about all the stupid home work your teacher gave you, and get all your assignments in late along with some bad grades.
Not like this class?! Who's the little stinker that said that?
8. The boy/girl you like in school just asked you out, and you said yes. You spend the rest of the day...
Daydreaming about them and how pretty their eyes look to you.
Thinking about all the different things you guys could do together.
Wonder how nice those pair of lips would feel against your own.
9. Out of the given colors, which one would you prefer to wear?
I love all of them!
10. A co-worker is spreading rumors about you, and you don't know if they're good or bad. You...
Confront the co-worker and ask them what it is directly and personally.
Immediately blame them for spreading rumors about you around the work area.
Get back at them, and start spreading nasty rumors about them.
Simply ignore it and if anyone asks if any of the rumors are true, you give them the correct answer.
11. You sit next to someone in art class, and compare their art to yours. You think their art is...
Way better than mine. I suck, can't even draw a stick figure!
Wow, they're really bad. They need some work.
It's pretty decent. Can't say it's perfect, but it's better than mine.
Wow, there's a person who is better than me at art?
12. You can hear someone's music from their head phones, and it's bothering you. You...
Kindly confront them and ask them to turn the music down.
Rip the iPod out of their hands and instantly turn the music down until you can no longer hear anything.
Just ignore it, you like music. If they become deaf, it's their fault.
Get annoyed and a bad head ache, but don't do anything about it.

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