what are you looking at

bbbbbbooored dont read this this quiz making is gonna take too long omg this is so boredin i need a fun pack this is so unfair all the cool people have the most fun while im still not

old enough to drive and im not allowed to leave my street unless i wanna ride my bike and if i wanna ride my bike then i can only ride around the block.

Created by: scolionophobia
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1. what are you lookin at
the computer screen
you, you got a problem with it
no boby
not you
2. im playing i am so sorry but i made this to try to level up but ill try to make it as interesting as possible
3. my toe just got cut off
yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeesssss blood
woah you need a doctor
im glad you are suffering
4. quarters taste good
they suck
you suck
5. im kidding i never put a quarter in my mouth...atleast i dont rember if i did
6. i see dead people
you not gonna run away
aw man i wanted to see
well good for you
7. my nose itch
scratch it
sratch it with your foot
welll i scratch it for you
8. it is almost over
9. im tired but its only 9:48 and its early for me to be going to sleep
i didnt need to know that
thats nice
10. well you dont need to comment you dont need to rate just do whatever but you can if you wish to do so

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