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  • I think it's a little off. Delaware's on the coast not the inland.

    From Delaware Mar 2 '13, 6:32PM
  • Said 93% inland north. Could not have been more spot on! Born and raised in WI and now have lived in the Upper Prnibsula of MI for 5 years. I think it is the combo of "about" and "on" that nailed me :)

    Snogirl Mar 1 '13, 11:34PM
  • Okay, you pegged me...Boston bred and lived for 65 years...now living in NC ..when I pick up more of this accent, could be interesting.

    KateofCarolina Mar 1 '13, 9:14AM
  • Not even close. I was born and raised in Southern California and I'm a well educated professional. I now live in Washington state but the test pegged me at a 90% chance I'm from Pennsylvania/Ohio (Midland accent). Wrong!

    Calif girl Feb 28 '13, 3:31AM
  • I was born and raised in southern California and spent the last 20 years in the southern border states. I am well educated and use proper English consistently, dont understand the inland north accent I rated.

    socalgirl Feb 27 '13, 7:26PM
  • I got the midland,but my mom says i have a boston accent. I am from Florida and i am Irish, Scottish and German

    That1Dfulband Feb 25 '13, 11:47AM
  • I show up as Midland but was raised on the Arizona-Mexico border and those rolled soft(b sounds like v) consonants still pop up in my speech. My mother was from the hills of Kentucky and sounded like it all her life. The major factor perhaps was the fact that I went to college as an English major, and then there were all those New Jersey room mates. I don't know if this quiz addresses things like the Appalachian twang, the singsong rhythmn of Nuevo Mexico Latinos, or the wonderful way in which Cajuns butcher the language, not to mention good old Spanglish-"Watchamo s la television." My limited Spanish, however, is more Chicano than Spanish, also known as stacato or 'machinegun' Spanish.

    EdF Feb 24 '13, 8:45PM

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