What Aircraft will you fly?

There are so many jets out there to choose from. How would you know which to choose from. This quiz is the way to tell. You will be amazed at what aircraft suit you. Are you the F-15 or the MiG-29? Find out here.

Do you have what it takes to pilot the most beastly jets ever created? Find out here. The expertise of Achmed is your path to true connection to your inner fighter.

Created by: Achmed
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Are you Russian?
I speak it does that count?
4. Do you enjoy going fast?
I Wanna Go Fast! I Wanna Go Fast!
Need for Speed
Doesn't thrill me
I like fire it looks reddish unlike speed which looks.....speedish
Never will and never have.
Do I look like your Granny? Or Jason?
5. Cat and Mouse or Dogfight?
What the Heck? I thought we were talking about Airplanes, not furry critters running about!
Cats aren't christian.
I'm partial to the Cat and Mouse Style.
Dogfighting is the way to go!
6. How do you feel about water?
Its wet.
I get Seasick real easy.
If it ain't rainin, it ain't training.
I love swimming.
Whats that? sounds icky.
I am actually quite partial to dihydrogen monoxide, or hydrogen hydroxide, or the perfect base and acid, or Hydroxidic Acid.
7. Which playing card do you like the most?
Ace of Spades
Cowboy King
The Pecoudama
Jack in the Box
What's a Pecoudama?
I don't play cards
8. What Branch of the Miitary is the best?
Ya Go Navy!!! Bring on the Steel and Storms!!!
Marine Corps of coarse! HOORAH!!!
I like the army the ground is always so close.
Air Force duh!
Which one does Jason like? I want the complete opposite.
9. Bombs, Guns, Napalm, Missiles, Or Rockets?
Fire still comes in pretty reddish colors and taste like oblivion! Mwahaha, which tastes like red bull
10. Whats the Limit?
Its two words.
A fancy french restaurant.
I hate the French.
The Sky.
The Sound Barrier.
11. Ok. You are cruising along and all of a sudden you find out you were off course and are about to fly over enemy air cover through their radar and aerial deffense. Whatcha gonna do?
Keep onna flyin! They cant see me im Stealth!
Turn as hard as possible and fly straight back. Like Jason.
Stay And Fight! Im gonna blast my way out!
Find the radar, dispose of it, and continue on with the mission.
Get shot out of the Sky.
Both B and E
12. You land at your destination airport and suddenly realize that you left your turkey and mayo sandwich at the airport you just left. What are you gonna do? Your very hungry, by the way.
Blaaaaach! :P Nasty! I hate Mayo and Turkey!
Who needs airports? Gimme a Carrier Baby!!!
Fly back and get your sandwich.
Make another sandwich. DUH!!!
Order takeout from the nearest Chinese Restaurant. Mushu anybody???
Take out your zune and listen to music. Your not hungry anyways.
13. Your flying along minding your own business and your phone rings scaring you and making you fly straight towards the ground. What cha gonna do?
Answer it, have a long conversation with your buddy and you just happen to mention that you are about to die and invite them to the funeral. Always sounds good on the radio.
Tell them you'll call them back in a minute. Your eating your sandwich. You still die but with a full stomach.
You answer your phone, hang, up, call a chinese restaurant and order Mushu. Your still hungry.
You pick up the phone, fly one handed, make the recovery, practice high g aerial acrobatic manuevers, and still sound good on the radio. HOORAH!!!

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