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gretaluisa said:
Oct 6 '07, 2:55PM

Wow! Awesome! I got 100% :D Most of those questions were pretty easy but there were a few more challenging ones...

natika said:
Oct 5 '07, 3:40PM

Wow I just got 85%! It's amazing what you remember from when you were a child. I haven't picked it up in a good fifteen years or more.
I'd like to know what I got wrong now!

joe68888 said:
Oct 4 '07, 11:34PM

77% The cult keeps a lot of bulls--- stuck in my head for a lot of years. I will not subject my children to such a horrible book of hate and violence. Thank god I can look past the evils of organized religion and believe in god my own way and not make it a reason for hatred and intolerance like so many others...Peace be with you

papabear said:
Oct 4 '07, 7:45PM

I'm a Christian and I scored 100%

bvinton said:
Oct 4 '07, 11:04AM

scored 88 percent, but for pagan the Bible says says knowing, but not understanding is the problem the pharises had. And sadly today that is what we do, have a lot of head knowledge,but no heart knowledge......

kell dawg said:
Oct 4 '07, 5:57AM

I got a 100%. I should hope I would since I used to be a Bible teacher! :)

Simon the Magician said:
Oct 4 '07, 4:42AM

That's funny. I scored 100% and I'm Pagan. How many of you christians know your bible that well

onewally said:
Oct 3 '07, 6:08PM

fun little quiz, you should provide the details on rights and wrongs, please.

onewally said:
Oct 3 '07, 6:07PM


rdwatermann said:
Oct 3 '07, 9:49AM

I enjoyed taking the test. However, can I found out which answers were wrong. That would certainly help me understand more. Thank you

marish said:
Sep 30 '07, 1:11PM

I enjoyed taking that quiz..and realized that i have to read Bible more. Some questions were obvious, some were hard..but that was a fun quiz to take :)

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