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tobymacfan said:
Dec 14 '10, 1:12PM

93% guess i still got some work to do. lol
but don't we all...

memememe4 said:
Dec 4 '10, 8:20PM

you should all belive i the christ our lord and if you don't no one can make you but you should.

1964 said:
Nov 12 '10, 6:34PM

Generally speaking ,I like doing Bible quizzes because itsa the ultimate test of how involved i am in God's word. This quiz on the book of Exodus needs to be improved, in that some of the choices as answers are poor. The possibles answers to select from, should be taken strictly from the Bible.Using cartoon characters limits one thinking, esspecially those who are sudents of the Bible. If a person was not sure of an answer, it was made too easy by including cartoon characters and well known individuals who have no association with the Bible. This made the elimination process too easy.

LOST123456 said:
Oct 24 '10, 9:24PM

yeah 0% :)

readydog said:
Oct 24 '10, 7:37PM

Great Bible Quiz! It covered alot of general knowledge stuff. I scored a 85%, which will prompt me to do more Bible study in the future. Thanks!

sarahleah said:
Oct 20 '10, 5:14PM

100% on first try...though I did not believe that I would do so well

vinaykumar TG said:
Oct 19 '10, 3:23PM

It is awesome to learn more about lord jesus christ, I enjoy quizes and question and answers. Thanks a lot for give us information from the Holy Bible and it is useful for many of them. may
god bless you and your team.

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