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kwadwo said:
Feb 9 '11, 7:11PM

To know GOD is to enjoy everlasting peace and joy.
Thank GoD l had 97. l will do better the next time/

kyle77357 said:
Feb 1 '11, 11:42AM

I got 73% which i good since i hardly ever read old testament

Naoms1964 said:
Jan 26 '11, 11:29PM

Praise the Lord.. I got 98%.. This is a result of being in sunday school from a child.. church as a teenager.. and keeping in the word as an adult... The word is truly a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our pathway.. God is faithful ... no good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly..

gmpJESUS said:
Jan 25 '11, 2:51PM


you should not believe on chain of curses saying... "if you will not send it to 5 or 10 of your friends you will die or you will be cursed... that is what we call a CHAIN OF CURSES... you are writing a curses to people... IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS I BREAK AND REBUKED IT.. It won't penetrate to anyone who will read it starting from the very beginning of that chain. rather in the name of my God Jesus Christ i released blessing to everyone. (don't believed or be hooked up by this chain of curse message.. whether you received it to your mails, emails or phones... be alert cause the devil who is in this worlds wants to give to people bad things, death and wants to destroy us.. so if you happen to encounter like this again.. JUST SAY IN THE NAME OF JESUS IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO Me. BE ALERT AND SOBER CAUSE WE ARE ON THE LAST DAYS.. but remember we are God's children and in everyway we are blessed by Him. Glory to our God. Give praise to Him.

greben said:
Jan 25 '11, 2:39AM

omg i got 91%... buts thats only cuz i had some help from my sister but my first was a 85% pretty good:) Jesus Luvs U All:)

smartgirl115 said:
Jan 7 '11, 5:03PM

I got 52%... need some more improvement, but the quiz results I recieved said that i know a lot about the Bible, and probably read or heard of it.

tobymacfan said:
Dec 14 '10, 1:12PM

93% guess i still got some work to do. lol
but don't we all...

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