Tobacco: What have you learned?

Tobacco and smoking have been well-document and taught subjects in students' lives. What they know might not be as much as they thought they did. Learn what PSU has to offer.

The goal of this quiz is to test what you've learned from the website, take it before you've perused the website, and then again after. Learning is never a bad thing

Created by: Stasia Roberts
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1. Some of the objectives set forth in the Healthy Penn State Initiative include:
Decrease the percentage of students who report that they smoked all 30 days
Increase the percentage of students who report that they did not smoke in the past 30 days
Increase the percentage of students who support a campus-wide ban on smoking
All of the above
2. Phone numbers for resources for quitting tobacco included:
PA Quitline
American Lung Association
Quest Services
Centre County Drug and Alcohol
All of the above
3. The "Quit and Win Challenge" is available to BOTH PSU Students and Faculty
4. In the "Tough Love" video, they say that if you don't smoke you might:
Gain weight
Beat your wife
Drop out of school
Be unpopular
5. The mission statement of Project SmokeLess is to reduce smoking and improve the health of Penn State Students.
6. On the 97 Reasons to Quit website, reasons included everything except:
You won't have to pay more and more and more and more each year.
Nonsmokers have weaker bones than smokers.
Smoking can cramp your style in the bedroom.
You may be less likely to get psoriasis.
Your chance of having cold hands and feet will go down...
7. The UHS 10 Tips for Quitting include everything EXCEPT:
Plan a survival kit
Break free with a ceremony
Eat and drink for victory
Observe nonsmokers and imitate
All of the above
8. The 10 Overlooked Reasons to Quit inlcude everything EXCEPT:
SIDS: Maternal Smoking Doubles Risk
Lupus: Smoking Raises Risk of Autoimmune Disease
Alzheimer's Disease: Smoking Speeds Up Mental Decline
An Increased Risk of Impotence
Blindness: Smoking Raises Risk of Age-Related Macular Degeneration
All of the above
9. Some strategies developed in the HPS Initiative to reduce smoking include:
Develop and implement a social marketing campaign about second hand smoke OR the economic and ecological impact of smoking-related litter on campus
Support student advocacy for a smoke-free campus policy
Promote and develop free smoking cessation services available at UHS
All of the above
10. According to the Big 10 Smoking Comparison, which 3 schools are in the process of a campus wide smoking ban:
Indiana, Iowa, Ohio State
Illinois, Purdue, Wisconsin
Michigan State, Northwestern, Minnesota
Michigan, PSU, Indiana
Wisconsin, PSU, Ohio State

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