The Mysteries of Magic part 4

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Part 4 is finally out! Just substitute these words for all the over used excuses and you'll still know I'm sorry for taking so long. The new guy's name is James, but I still need a good description. His personality is going to be smart, yet kinda funny. Just take the quiz already!

Okay guys, I'll start with character descriptions. Andrew: Black hair with blueish-grey eyes. His powers:mind/body control, invisibility, teleportation, and fire. Zac: Brown hair with hazel eyes. His powers: mind-reading, animal transformations, teleportation, and water. New Guy: ??? Powers: ???

Created by: elf maiden
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3. Recap: The guys start to tell you where you are going on vacation.
sounds about right
What? *go take parts 1,2,&3, k?*
Get on with it!
4. "______, we are going to a little known island off the coast of Hawaii!"
Island vacation? Sweet!
Really? a vacation? I should be kicking Selena's butt right now!
Brb! I gotta start packing!
5. "The island isn't ours, but we're pretty much the only ones who know about it." confirms Andrew. "Don't worry _____, its going to be a fun vacation to take your mind off recent events!" Zac said optimistically.
Is it an island you can only find using powers? *smart girl, give yourself a cookie!*
You can never make me forget Selena killing my family! That lil ***** is going down!
^ Watch your language!
**Starting to mourn family losses** :',(
6. *fast forward* Once on the little island you see small charming cottages, one for each of you, that aren't very far from each other. "Get some sleep ____, its pretty late. We'll be in the other cottages if you need us." Zac told you. "Night _____." said Andrew.
Can I be alone w/ Zac/Andrew?
7. *Dream* You are walking along a dirt path when you suddenly trip and fall down. "Are you alright?" asked a voice you didn't know. "Yeah, I'm fine." you replied. *Dream ended*
Aww... That's it?
Who is that guy?
He's nothing compared to Zac/Andrew. *How do you know? You don't even know what he looks like yet!*
Am I seeing some sort of vision? *maybe...*
8. You wake up and debate whether to tell the guys or not. After making some breakfast (yes, the cottages do have kitchens) you decide to keep it to yourself. After all, it was only a dream, wasn't it?
Yeah, it was just a dream I guess.
I'm not sure if it was a dream or not.
It was defiantly not a dream, it was a vision!
9. To clear your head you decide to go for a walk. When guess what? You are walking along a dirt path when you suddenly trip and fall down! "Do you need some help getting up?" asked a voice you didn't think belonged to any of the guys. "I'm alright." you replied.
OMG!!!! It's the guy from my dream!
I still like Zac
^nope, I like Andrew more!
10. "My name is _____." you tell him. "_____? That is a cute name for an even cuter girl!" he said "Would you like to continue walking with me?" he asks you
Of course, I'd love to walk with you!
No, I'd rater walk with Zac.
^Same, but with Andrew!
11. "So... What's your name?" you asked him. "My name is James." he replied. Just then you heard someone walking along the path quickly. "Look, _____, I really shouldn't be here." Before you could speak, he vanished.
Where'd he go?
Aw....... I wanted him to stay!
Will I ever see him again? *yes, you will see him again.*
12. "_____, where were you?" Andrew asked. "Like I said, I was just walking around. No need to worry about me." Andrew just chuckled a bit at that. "Let's head back."
aw.... but i wanted to stay here with you!
let's get back so I can see Zac
13. I'll stop there for now. How are you liking James, the new mystery guy?
I like him!
He's ok, but I like Andrew better
^same, but with Zac!

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