THe imPossIBlE RanDUmbO TesT 2!!!!1

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Stop your crying! Stop ypur Mourning! STOP PEEING I'M TALKING HERE!!! The ImpSSiBLe rANDumBo tESt 2 is here!! Thank Scott, it's here!!Take it, and see what class you fall in to!! Release your weirdnes and possibly your gas!!!

You know, I didn't want to write this second paragraph. I'm kind of in a hurry to make lunch because I've been STARVING all morning just so you could take this quiz. And get this! I was gonna say that I finally filled in 1.5.0 c.harac.ters, but gotoqui.z is one queer site, they said I couldn't mention it! But I found a poop- I mean, a loophole! HA!

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. If you had one- ONE chance to eat all the computers in Nashville, would yo do it?? Or let it slide?
  2. A refridgerator steps in front of you!!! Are yiuy GONNA STanD foR thaT1!!!!!!111!!??//
  3. You are a....
  4. Yo Rupbert!!
  5. What's your name??.. ◄►
  6. Mommy broke in half!!!
  7. I'M HUNGRY!!!! MAKE ME FOOD!!!!!!
  8. I'M A ____
  9. Yo yo can i get a b-b-burger!!!???
  10. What strrange thing happened to YOO toda1???
  11. whose the coolest shoe in town???
  12. Soup
  13. What is the skware root of 62?
  14. lol
  15. 1f y0u h@d t0 d@t3 0n3 0f th3$e, wh1ch w0uld 1t b3???
  16. Ideal amphibian ride?
  18. The duck killed us all! We go down a tunnel, towards a bright light... and we are greeted at a bridge by a roast beef sandwich! You...
  19. He grants us passage-but makes you stay behind! Her knockls you down with a septer and says....
  20. But he pulls out a poop gun!!! "Whats your favorite color?" he gr0wls... This ditirmines your fate,, and your fabric softener...
  21. "You got the right answer! NOT!!!" He siddenly jumps down your throat and you die
  22. /...But it's a dream! You wake up! The sun ☼ comes up, and you smell a pig's intestines cooking frtom the kitchen.... then a huge anvil falls through the roof and you die
  23. Did you enjoy, and will you take the threequel? (and the original)

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