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Ariana9 said:
Sep 19 '14, 1:49AM

Sooo easy! By the way I only got 80%. And Yoda is dead, depending on how you see it. If you're at the second movie, then he lives on Dagobah. If you're at the last movie, then yes, he's dead.

VampireGirl101 said:
Aug 24 '12, 1:31PM

Awesome quiz!!!!!!!!Ur AWESOME!!!!!!!!

VampireGirl101 said:
Aug 24 '12, 1:23PM

Awesome quiz!!!!!!!!Ur AWESOME!!!!!!!!

megafreak226 said:
Jan 29 '12, 12:50AM

it was easy but that was the whole saga if your gonna say the trillogoy make sure it is and obi wan tracks down boba fett to kamino not jango i mean if your gonna nmake a starwars quiz at least get the facts right

Horseluver said:
Dec 28 '11, 4:06PM

Easy but well thought out.

DarthVader said:
Oct 8 '11, 11:05AM

100% no offense, or anything, but that was really easy :)

314FMcM said:
Sep 10 '11, 7:55PM

100% sweet!!!

starwars1fan said:
Jan 22 '11, 3:24PM

i got 100% im awesome!!!!!!!!

Ellis Redding said:
Oct 17 '10, 11:52AM

80% I rock.

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