So you think you know Miley Cyrus?

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doglovergirl said:
Dec 22 '15, 8:05AM

I agree with Duhh Sunshinee

cece246 said:
Jun 27 '15, 4:21PM

girlschick91 calm down some people like and some dont ok so take a chill pill

Ps3blaze22 said:
Jan 12 '12, 3:56AM

WTF i got 7% well.. I'm not a fan of her but i know more about her i'm not that clueless

Duhh Sunshinee said:
Mar 26 '11, 11:51PM

Eh @girlschick91! Your a jelous freak, your probally a loser who has nothing to do. Everyone should leave miley, leave justin, leave selena gomez, leave lady gaga, and leave taylor swift ALONE!!!!!!!! It's not wrong to like them and their music. if you dont like them then shut up! We dont wanna hear your b---- fit!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, sorry to everyone i get mad at things like this...I miss the old miley(: But everyone grows up, so we should too

doyoureallycare said:
Feb 7 '09, 4:51PM

Even though I'm a fan...lmao

doyoureallycare said:
Feb 7 '09, 4:51PM

I;m 80%.
I don't know her that well :\

Soccerstar said:
Jan 2 '09, 9:35AM

yeah me 2! i luv it and i have da vid on dvd!

Shabs said:
Dec 31 '08, 2:00AM

girlschick91, you hate miley coz u r jealous. She's the biggest thing in music. Go and die yourself!!! Hey Soccerstar, I'm 1 of miley's biggest fan and i love her new tube: 7 things. What do think about it?

snowkuki said:
Dec 19 '08, 7:59PM

...i dont like hannah montana but i do like miley

girlschick91 said:
Dec 19 '08, 11:22AM

you no what?! Miley Cyrus sucks a** i think she should die!!! i just took this quiz because im bored and im in school right now doing suck!! You are pretty much the only one who likes miley you should just go and marry her already!!!!

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