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rave said:
Jul 14 '14, 10:24AM

a lotta mistakes u might wanna check the speeling jeez where r u from india at school i got a speeling award so boom learn ure grammer it shouuld be correct u dont know how to spell i rock u suck r u a native of america??????? i wanted 100 these words . puts up middle finger .

urbeautiful23 said:
Jul 8 '14, 2:23AM

this had so many mistakes in it...

Livcat_2409 said:
Jun 30 '14, 6:08AM

17% yet I got in the spelling bee at my school XD

Santy said:
Jun 21 '14, 3:54AM

Got 100% & i'm from India

Jonesy said:
Jun 10 '14, 6:14AM

Your forgetting something, I'm only 9, I'm or ready in yr 4, I'm the youngest in my class and I'm the best yr 4 speller in my school and there's about 30 yr 4 kids in the school and I find that quite mean, BULLY

notjewisdude said:
May 31 '14, 2:23PM


Uta chan said:
May 26 '14, 12:56AM

You have some misspelled words. Please... -_- I can't actually tolerate these kind of things. It drives me crazy seeing wrong spelling and grammar.

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