So you think you can spell

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Skatergirljoy said:
May 14 '16, 9:57PM

Lol! My crush just kissed me yesterday at school. He is the #1 most popular in the I'm so embarrassed...bye

SuperMinecraft said:
Mar 6 '16, 1:27PM

I didn't know two of the words but 92%. Good or bad?

susan selena said:
Feb 13 '16, 5:33AM

Whoooo! I got 100%. I love spell quizzes.

lulu25 said:
Jan 1 '16, 1:30AM

Oh Yeah,so far so GOOD I got 92 percent and was rated Top of the class oh yeah *wink*

FrenchGirl said:
Nov 10 '15, 2:03PM

Now we're talking. Nearly the 'full shilling (or is that schiling)'. But well done. These are not the easiest words to spell.

AND I'M FRENCH ! haha !

Camelia said:
Dec 29 '14, 2:11PM

I got 92%.

Cinder fall 101 said:
Dec 15 '14, 3:24PM

This is stupid because I don't even know half of these words and

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