Should You Have Kids?

This quiz is for those questioning whether they should have kids or not.If you think you need to take a test to find this out then feel free to Move along and take it.This is for fun only!!!!!

O.K.,here we go.We all know we have seen people in our lives that we question if the should have kids,then we encounter those who we know should have filed for a licence to do so.This will help weed those out.

Created by: Tom
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Your son wants a new puppy,you would..
Go to your nearest pet store and buy a AKC Registered puppy
Head to the local dog pound and save the life of a doomed K-9
Get a mutt puppy from your cousins,brothers,neighbors,friend.
Pick up a dog off the side of the road that is foaming at the mouth.
4. You take your kids to the nearest Wal-Mart,you..
Put them in a cart so you can keep an eye on them.
You lead them to the video game section and tell them to stay there untill your done shopping.
Let them run loose the minute you walk through the door.
You leave them in the car with the windows cracked.
5. You go to Thanksgiving dinner at your Mom's house,you...
Leave them outside with your crazy brother-in-law to play tackle football.
You make them help your Mom in the kitchen.
You leave them with your Dad to do firewood and hope he doesn't let them use the axe.
You set them in front of the T.V. to watch countless hours of Spongebob.
6. Your child sees a toy on T.V. that they want,you...
Give in instantly and run right out and buy it.
insist that if they do chores you will reward them with it.
tell them they already have enough crap as it is and when you were a kid you dind't have the toys they do.
tell them tough s---,you ain't getting it because they don't behave as it is.
7. Your child mouths off to you in public,you...
Explain to them that is unacceptable behaivor.
tell them,"wait untill your father hears about this".
you do nothing because your too busy flirting with the cashier.
slap them in the mouth and cause a big scene.
8. Your baby is crying you....
tell he/she to shut up.
shake the baby until he/she stops crying.
check to see if he/she is hungry,wet,poopy,cold,hot,or sick.
put him/her in the crib and leave them there until he/she stops crying.
9. Your son/daughter goes on to the computer and looks at bad bad things what do you do....
You give him the talk and ground him/her
You spank his/her butt with the leather belt and hround his/her
You do nothing and no that you son/daughter is not gay
You do nothing and let him/her look at it some more
10. You find your son/daughter in bed with the oppisit sex what do you do?
You ground her till he/she is 30 years old
You handle it as comoly as possible
You kill the guy/girl that is in bed with your son/daughter
You don't care because he.she's not gay
11. You son/daughter is drinking beer and he/she is under the age you...
Say your grounded and leave it at that
You report it to the cops
You sigh her up for am AAA meeting
Spank his/her butt
12. Under your teens bed, you find crack,pot,condoms and a bunch of other bad stuff, what do you do?
Send him to boarding school
Tell the cops
Send him to juvy
Ask them if they can hook you up.
13. Your son / daughter has been playing videogames for 2 days straight and you...
unplug the system
you slap them in the back of the head.
ask again
give them more chores

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