Republican or Democrat?

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taylorw said:
Nov 5 '10, 1:13PM

i love being a democrat

taylorw said:
Nov 5 '10, 1:12PM

i love lauren michele galus/yenkala

lily4life said:
Jul 12 '10, 9:22PM

democrat :)
we all have our differences and our views of things.

Angelkitty said:
May 11 '10, 1:03PM

I always knew I was a Republican at heart, and that's not just my family talking.

But everyone has their own individual beliefs, and they are very well entitled to them.

Appayipyip42 said:
May 5 '10, 9:58PM

I don't support world all...
But then Republicans, while being for the wars, believe in capitalism, less gun control, private EVERYTHING and are into putting church and state together, all four of those things I am VERY STRONGLY AGAINST.

alissaa23 said:
Apr 11 '10, 4:30PM

Democrat :)

Vatz the Fox said:
Aug 15 '09, 9:33AM



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