Republican or Democrat?

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chrichri said:
Sep 20 '14, 3:26PM

I'm french, and 81% democrate ;)

Stefie said:
Sep 17 '14, 11:13PM

54% Republican.......wo w.....I guess the questions were leaning neutral and non biased. Moderate would be where I stand on this quiz. Trust me I'm totally Democrat.

Vance14 said:
Sep 17 '14, 8:30PM

Total peonage is right but what about newt Gingrich

Vance14 said:
Sep 17 '14, 8:24PM

80% republican, and I'm 13 why do so many people choose to be democrats nowadays why do we have to have to be politically correct is we are getting the same point across. Why do we have to try to be #1 in everything? Why should we tax the wealthy more if they worked harder to get there. Thing about this new wave of democrats

edtaylor said:
Sep 6 '14, 10:24PM

90% Republican!!

FloodingXBL said:
Aug 15 '14, 3:56PM

Republican 85% I knew it :)

MythicRare said:
Aug 12 '14, 2:41AM

82% Republican. Hell yeah!

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