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SMS1996 said:
Apr 30 '09, 9:05AM

Uh what!? I only get 35 percent!? Even if you get many weapons, they are useless! They'll only drag you down. Having too many people in your team will only result in more casualties! The less the better!

Anonymous said:
Apr 22 '09, 7:32AM

Try. Go on.

Alex_W said:
Feb 24 '09, 8:26PM

ummm... I got 100%... I always get these answers!!!! I prepared for da zombies... or am i one?????? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! !!... sorry... had a moment there!!!!!!

avengedsorrow said:
Feb 16 '09, 11:12PM

It sucked. Sorry, but it was confusing at times(all the unneeded explanations), and i don't think you know what you're talking about.

Hinata Hyuga said:
Feb 13 '09, 5:30PM

Im 12 and got 60%. I got a great amount of plans for a zombie attack, and they aren't that fast. I really think I'd sruvvie.

werezerg said:
Jan 26 '09, 3:45PM

this quiz is stupid and iheart y dont u drink a nice tall glass of mocha stfu

IHeartDedZmbs said:
Jan 19 '09, 12:38PM

the world record is 9 min and 10 sec for 2 miles... Your only 3 min slower eh?.... ok

Ishtharo said:
Jan 15 '09, 12:12AM

Hey IHeartDedZmbs,
You r a freakin noob. I still run 2 miles in under 13 minutes, and I been out the army for almost a year. Its called a standard, look it up.
Research before you comment douche nozzle.

appayipyip said:
Dec 26 '08, 5:55PM

Most of that stuff I have no experience with, but melee weapons and boats are probably what I'd have my best chance at living with.
By the way, 26%? WTF?

hippyboy1111 said:
Dec 23 '08, 1:53PM

Even Lying I have 62% (My real chance is 10%)

goodguy said:
Dec 23 '08, 2:37AM

This is stupid...i kept going back to see what the "RIGHT" answers were...and obviously some 17 or 18 year old kid made this. Accordin to this person... someone 18yrs or younger has a 1% chance MORE survival rating than a 25 to 30 year old. HA! OK! Gay.

Swanny said:
Dec 11 '08, 11:28PM

What percent of the population in zombie times is a zombie? Over 75%? That means that most of us will have less than a 25% chance to live no matter what.

Kuggle said:
Dec 5 '08, 10:47AM

What the Hell? Did you make this quiz just so only you can get a 100% or something? I'm not saying you don't know your stuff. You do. More than me in fact (And I'm like a f---ing Zombie expert.) But come on! 47%? THATS BULLs---.

prole01 said:
Dec 2 '08, 9:47PM

This test is crap. I can drive anything from 2 wheels to 16 wheels and everything in between as well as being licensed on all of them. I've got two AR-15's, and 12 guage autoloader, a beretta 9mm with a lot of magazines, and lots of ammo. I've also got the moral latitude to dispose of anyone who gets in my way. I was 11 series trained and still run two miles in less than 13 minutes. I don't drink or smoke. I'd say I'm at least in the top fifty percent. This test says I've got a forty percent chance. Bull----.

short4421 said:
Apr 24 '08, 2:23AM

s---...I didnt even read the description above the quiz...i didnt notice it like i said i thought it was another goofy little quiz. Damn.

short4421 said:
Apr 24 '08, 2:22AM

Hey you know...this Quiz actually does make sence now that i read through it...cheers on creating this. This person is right about alot of the the person above who says "i know alot about zombies and have all kinds of plans" and what not. The best plan is having no plan. Plans never work out like you planed should be able to think on your feet. Dont have LONG term plans, and also the question "how much do you know about zombies?" should be answered as NOTHING...because you DONT...they arnt REAL. You KNOW nothing...but you have an idea. This whole quiz is AMAZINGLY acurate...i've learned something here today with this quiz and would like to think this person for opening my eyes. THANX! From now on, im only gunna focus on making sure I have the necesities for an invasion..and the skills to fight...but no plans...they never go as you think. Max Brooks is an idiot compared to this guy. Your awsome..but SOME stuff is alittle off. Like the plane and boat stuff...but

Kalen said:
Feb 27 '08, 12:14PM

Yay BOw down to your new ruler B*tch

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