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axolotl said:
Dec 2 '11, 9:31PM

46% for me eh? I am an ex-military diver, I went to military survival school, I collect firearms, I have a go-bag by my door, I make sure my car is always filled with gas, I have a 1 month supply of food and water, I have an extensive medical kit and am an EMT, I have maps showing alternate routes to my uncles rural farm, I run a 7 minute mile, my girlfriend is an MD. This quiz is bunk.

Durkle said:
Oct 30 '11, 1:36PM

I answered it truthfully the first time. didn't get a very good score. so i decided to answer all the questions with the best answers. 77%. yeah right. what a fake test. i think anyone with a score between 20% and 30% have a better chance of living.

S542 said:
Oct 1 '11, 9:28PM

this is a dumb quiz - not based on real zombie facts!!! learn about zombies

lemmins9 said:
Sep 20 '11, 10:45PM

0% lol.......

arbormike said:
Sep 19 '11, 10:26PM

37% lets run the list I have weapons firearms (with ammo), blunt weapons, and edged weapons, I have rocky mountains (steepest base to top in the world) in my back yard, I have supplies and Know how to survive in said mountains for months to years, so unless your zombies can climb cliffs, or fly I'm safe.
p.s. solo is retarded, you need someone to watch your back unless you plan on praying nothing gets you in your sleep.

happycat said:
Sep 14 '11, 6:11PM


blahblah1234 said:
Sep 3 '11, 8:28PM

f--- you.
Ive read so many zombie books, my dad taught me how to use firearms. I have so many ways to get food and make things into weapons. I've mastered left 4 dead 12

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