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  • No Subject
    "Aw;-; /◕ ◕"
  • No Subject
    "◕ ◕ ◕ ◕ Hi"
  • "Lui hummed as she walked into her dorm for this school year. She smiled happily looking at the room, it was decorated in pretty pastel col..."
  • Puppetmaster
    "That's not detailed enough give me a few seconds pleas"
  • Puppetmaster
    "I don't really like it. C1 is a librarian however he is dragged through a book by a bored faerie he is taken captive by the Perverte"
  • Saara_K
    "Please do not bump this."
  • "Thank you but don't feel you must agree human -^_^- I still believe there must be a balance."
  • Puppetmaster
    "I don't have one sorry.) I kinda wanna do one with a perverted charcater like captain Killian Jones )"
  • "If only positivity exsisted then we'd be vulnerable to danger all of the time. Everyone would be the same. Negativity helps shin"
  • Puppetmaster
    "Sure but I really only do MXM)"
  • The Leauge of Emerlda
    "Ahh some people are terribile Young season. Lyle : You can stop calling me that now. I'd rather not stop."
  • The Leauge of Emerlda
    "f--- you Lucinda!"
  • "Hmm"
  • "I don't know what to say but Hello I guess?"
  • My forest of sloths.
    "Gay)what's wrong?)"

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