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Whiplash said:
Jan 9 '15, 11:46AM


Toddy said:
Jan 4 '15, 6:39PM

you will die within 2 days if you do not post this comment to over 5 quizzes. when ur through press f6 and your crushes will appear on the screen

lovetakes2 said:
Jan 3 '15, 5:41PM

Congratulations! Welcome to GRYFFINDOR HOUSE. Our emblem is the lion, the bravest of all creatures, and we pride i ourselves on boldness, courage, daring, and chivalry. Our house colours are scarlet and gold and our common room lies up in Gryffindor tower. Traits: Bravery, boldness, daring, nerve, chivalry, courage, loyalty, good-heartedness. Notable people: Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore, the Weasleys, Hermione Granger
I got Gryfindor!
Oh and please stop the scary comments! I am still alive, though read a billion gazillion times. And maybe....

Platypus said:
Jan 3 '15, 3:51PM


Dec 29 '14, 8:39PM

I have to agree that the do this or else is completely stupid i mean if i didnt know any better id thinkbthat you were a girl in my class.
aha o yeah i-got-gry-ffin-dor

1_Celestia_3 said:
Dec 23 '14, 12:48PM

People please stop with the dumb "re-post this or else" things!!! You know they don't work and they're just wasting people's time!!!!

HoOfan101 said:
Dec 23 '14, 11:10AM

HAHA!!! I got Gryffindor, but Pottermore says I'm Hufflepuff!! Hahaha!!

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