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Miss Miss said:
May 1 '12, 2:54PM

I know these are the proper answers to the Pottermore quiz, But are they the proper answers? As everyone here seems to have been sorted in to Gryffindor? I've never been sorted in to Gryffindor either?

wiiwii said:
Apr 28 '12, 3:37PM

i got ravenclaw. second is gryf. and isn't the symbol for ravenclaw a raven, not an eagle? wonderful quiz. LUMOS!

spotty dinosaur said:
Apr 28 '12, 3:00PM

I got Gryffindor, but i never picture myself in Gryffindor because i'm not really brave or daring. I usually think that i would be in Ravenclaw or Slytherin because had have tendencies to lose my temper after a while or really quickly. But oh well! I like Gryffindor!

Magicala said:
Apr 28 '12, 12:20PM

GRYFFINDOR!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gryffindor0722 said:
Apr 28 '12, 11:00AM

HOOLY CRAPP I GOT GRYFFINDOR!!! *jumps up and down* i liked this quiz it was pretty good :)

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