Politcal Stereotypes

Most people identify themselves politically by a party affiliation, but this is a quiz that is based on ideology rather than the hodgepodge platform of most polical parties.

This quiz is by no means all-encompassing. It simply categorizes people into one of the 5 ideologies, that they match up with most, that are basically stereotypes.

Created by: Matthew
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3. Should citizens have the right to bear arms?
No, only military and police should. This is to safeguard against revolution.
Not a right, but a privilege granted by the state. The state should distribute or collect guns as they see fit, but usually citizens shouldn't have guns.
No, guns are bad. We need strict regulation.
Yes. There should be no regulations on them, except for maybe assault weapons that aren't intended for personal defense.
Yes. There should be no government to interfere.
4. Our country is at war with a state-sponsor of terrorism. How should the government handle this threat.
Secure the borders and control travel. Also the government may need access to people's personal information, but it's for their own protection, of course.
The government should control every aspect of people's lives. The best security is a collective consciousness. The state must imitate a beehive in its control. When this happens, all threats to the revolutionary state will be easy to eliminate.
There should always be tight security. The government's job is to serve the people. The best way to do that is to have permanent security measures in place. No profiling should be tolerated.
Give everyone a gun.
Any security measure taken by the government is oppression. Maybe we wouldn't be under attack if the government weren't around.
5. How should education be handled?
By the state, in order to instill nationalist and ethical values in children.
Since there is no private property, education should be an extension of the state.
Paid for by the state.
100% privatized.
There should be no influence by the state or business interests in education. We should take a collectivist approach.
6. How should the economy be controlled?
In councils resembling medieval guilds. These councils should be meritocratic and encompassing representatives from every part of a particular industry. The facets and industries should be working together for the good of the nation and the people within
The state. No private property or private enterprise is allowed.
Businesses of varying sizes, but no huge mega-corporations, unless they are state-owned. Utilities and transportation should be state-run.
small co-ops and communes.
Businesses that are free from regulation. The "invisible hand" of capitalism will make everything work out.
7. How should the state deal with what are considered to be "social vices"?
Outlawed completely. They degrade our society.
Outlawed completely. They are subversive forces to the state.
Probably illegal, but we should focus on treatment rather than putting people in jail. After all, as long as there are no victims to a crime, it's not that bad.
Anything goes. There should be no government to interfere.
100% legal.
8. Should the state institute a draft?
Yes, in war time. Everyone who is able should have military training and be encouraged to take an active role in national defense.
Yes, the state should use the people as a tool for mobilization. The state is the manifestation of the people's revolution, and so as revolutionaries, the citizens are naturally serving in our state's defense.
No, volunteers only.
There should be no government to impose a draft.
Everyone should have a gun, that way we can all be citizen-soldiers.
9. Should there be a free media?
No. All material that is dangerous or degrading to society must be censored. This is also for security reasons. People should be informed, but the state should take the media spin off of things. Yellow journalists should be considered criminals.
No. It is the state's job to tell its citizens what they need to know.
Yes, as long as it is politically correct.
Yes, but we can't trust these media corporations.
100% uncensored.
10. Should there be a death penalty?
Yes, it is an efficient way to rid society of violent criminals and crazy people. Also, people who pose potential threats (like terrorist supporters) should be eliminated. That will reduce crime.
Yes, anything that goes against the revolutionary consciousness of the people should be destroyed.
We should try to rehabilitate people and give them therapy.
There should be no government imposed death penalty.
Maybe. We must ask whether or not this will safeguard our freedom or take it away.
11. Do you believe the nation should pursue an imperialist policy?
Yes, whenever we have proper justification, we should try to expand our nation. The rest of the world can only benefit from our more civilized way of life.
Imperialism in the traditional sense is capitalist oppression and should be rejected, but the state should try to support the spread of our ideology. We can supply partisians fighting against the bourgeois in other nations.
No. We should give money to other nations even if it seems like a waste. We should be as anti-imperialist as we can.
There should be no government that can try to impose its will.
We should support people worldwide who are seeking freedom. We should provide help to vulnerable nations and try to influence them with our free way of life. Eventually they will choose freedom too.
12. Do you believe in welfare money?
Those who work to contribute to our society should never be abandoned in times of financial need, but those who can provide for themselves must do so.
Yes, all money and commodities should be provided by the state.
Yes, we should try to distribute money to those who don't have enough. We should also have a large variety of social programs that provide for all of a person's needs.
No government welfare, but rather collective support.
People should never be taxed for the purpose of redistributing money. If someone wants to give money to the government for that purpose, then that is fine.

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