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rich16 said:
Oct 30 '07, 9:53AM

this is a good quiz better than i had predicted but it has flaws, i scored a 59%

Margherita said:
Oct 30 '07, 3:10AM

This was an interesting quiz!!!!

kiirsty_13 said:
Oct 29 '07, 5:47AM

i got 41% im sensible and quiet which i true:P

parrot7792 said:
Oct 28 '07, 8:42PM

82% apparently im impulsive

Loopie said:
Oct 25 '07, 8:17PM

76% ...Does that mean I have a better personality than someone at 60% but not as good as an 80%? ...Well it's just aswell I know I wasn't the person discribed in the statement. It was fun nonetheless.

rachel said:
Oct 25 '07, 11:06AM

it was pretty good i got 61% apparently im a go person

zahra said:
Oct 24 '07, 11:17AM

well....i hope the result will be true,i love to be such person anyway.and....nothing else.

joyce said:
Oct 22 '07, 4:33AM

eh I'm sure I've seen this quiz somewhere else before. possibly with different results though??

12cwatki said:
Oct 21 '07, 12:32AM

hey i'm 59% apparently i'm an air head.

lilcupid said:
Oct 15 '07, 9:23AM

thats the Dr Phil QUIZ!! Fake!

GMS said:
Oct 14 '07, 5:38PM

I like your ways of giving the Q. and how u give the results

Soccerstar said:
Oct 7 '07, 2:21AM

It's quite a good quiz

marialil said:
Oct 1 '07, 4:58AM

I am interested and enjoy answering your quizes. Also help me to learn more or explore about different personalities and appreciate people despite of differences.

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