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Elliryanna said:
Feb 7 '14, 8:29PM

Choleric, then sanguine, then melancholy, then phlegmatic. If Naro is right, then it's good that phlegmatic is last. I am not shy.

demonic2786 said:
Feb 2 '14, 11:11AM

I got choleric- sorry but I'm definitely not an extrovert.

Gracious said:
Jan 18 '14, 9:49AM

what's sanguine???

aturn said:
Jul 10 '13, 6:26PM

Wow. Really accurate, I'm not easily impressed, but this was good.

pinkgalaxies said:
Jun 21 '13, 4:28PM

I got phlegmatic, however the description is wrong because it reads the same exact thing as Melancholy. I had to look up what Phlegmatic means and it seemed fairly accurate. Interesting!

LoneShadowWolf said:
Jun 3 '13, 7:39PM

Melancholy. Correct.

Naro Kusanagi said:
Apr 27 '13, 10:16AM

I'm 91% phlegmatic,69% melancholy,14% sanguine and 0% choleric.I can't understand any of these,but I have a feeling phlegmatic has something to do with being very shy...So yeah,very accurate.Awesome...

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