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12cwatki said:
Aug 15 '09, 9:51AM

this quiz made me tired

Wabash said:
Aug 11 '09, 2:24AM

phlegmatic thats me most definitly

Ansa89 said:
Jul 28 '09, 6:31PM

choleric. so me.

crazzy77girl said:
Jun 10 '09, 6:01PM

Ha...I am SO talkative, optimistic...! And probably all the other things that a "Sanguine" would be:P....I am SO that...Lol...This quiz is the most accurate:P

Nallie said:
Jun 8 '09, 7:41PM

It's the longer quizes that really tell you anything.
It's great that some people understand this.
Melancholy.. .so true *melencholy sigh*

Marty said:
Jun 6 '09, 10:41AM

this qwiz was long.TO long.but this qwiz was kool.

P.S im a J.E.R.K(Juinor Edicatid Rich Kid)

thir13n said:
Jun 4 '09, 11:48PM

I got sanguine..
I'm an optimist but i'm not a talkative person..
Great quiz anyway..

Bohdan said:
Jun 4 '09, 6:06PM

Choleric eh? I'm an optimist? I think not

softball_cat33 said:
Jun 4 '09, 3:48PM

cool quiz...Sanguine

ltlbabeangel said:
Jun 3 '09, 11:09PM

Melancholy - the introvert, the thinker, and the pessimist. To view further information about the Melancholy personality type, visit personalityplus.awa

So true...I am these things.

musiccvhp12 said:
Jun 3 '09, 10:34PM

Love the quiz! I'm sanguine. I can't get to the link though, it says that there is not index.html page loaded for it? I'm not sure.

KannaSan said:
Jun 3 '09, 3:07PM

Sanguine huh? I'm an optimist but not talktive and yet I'll take it as is..thank you this quiz rocked!

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