Passaic County 80's Baby's Quiz

I was very offended when I took the "How Jersey are you quiz", because I know how Jersey I am and that quiz only gave me 85%...sounds ok to you but, I'm North Jersey Baby!! and we have a whole different set of significant memories.

If South Jersey only means going to the beach for you and you lived, ate, and breathed Passaic County as a growing lad, if you're elementary school had a number instead of a name(LOL), if you ever played a PAL sport then ...this quiz will show you just how "Passaic County" you really are. If you were born after 1986 don't bother...this will mean nothing to you...Paterson, Passaic, Clifton...lets' go..How North Jersey are you?

Created by: Niah of Destiny Fulfilled
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1. What is your age?
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What weekly social event may have had you partying from 8 to 8???
High School Football Game
Skater's World
The mall
4. Where is "Club McDonald's?"
Garden State Plaza
Madison and Broadway
5. Back in the day we all got dipped up and met at this place on Thanksgiving?
Eastside v. Kennedy Rivalry Football Game
St. Paul's Youth Group
Grandma's House
6. Now let's go waayy back...that event in question 5 was held here...(old heads better get this right)??
School 15
Eastside Park
Hinchcliff Stadium
7. LADIES...Back in like 91' or 92' this group rocked the stage at the infamous Easter Egg Hunt??
8. That Easter Egg Hunt is held at??
Pennington Park
the Gazebo in Eastside Park
The Baseball field at Eastside Park
9. This person will forever be a local legend for spinning on his head every Saturday night...LOL..LOL??
Tim Thomas
DJ Just
10. Don't go here...or you'll be SHOT..BANG..BANG!!!
Bergenfield Skating Rink
White Castle on Broadway
11. The best Pizza in Passaic County??
Tony's Pizza in Passaic
Broadway Pizza
Marcello's Pizza...yes!$5.99 a pie....remember that!!
12. Best Fried Chicken in Passaic County??
My Grandma's
Crown's fried chicken...a wing and a loosie...ah!! one stop shopping!
Chicken Supreme
13. My favorite local DJ is....
DJ Big L
Just Blaze....formerly your favorite Skater's World DJ!!
14. Prom night....everyone drives through here??
Alabama PJ's
17th Ave
15. Your prom weekend ended here....
Six Flags
The Boardwalk in Wildwood
16. In your world "the dawg pound" means??
Somewhere I try not to get lost in....especially in the dark
Alabama Projects
Where take your yorkie when your out of town...LOL!

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