Oyster Boy Vocab

You have just read Tim Burton's poem "The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy" which was published with other poems by his hand. The intention of this quiz is to see if you can guess word meanings.

In the quiz there are 10 words or expressions with possible English explanations. Only one answer per question is correct. Let's see if you can find them all!

Created by: Miss van Gijsel of Miss van Gijsel's Digital Classroom
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1. What does "to savor the broth" mean?
to enjoy the soup
to stir through the soup
to have some soup left over
to dislike the soup and only eat minute bites to be polite
2. the little is described to have "plumbing" what does Tim Burton refer to in this context?
he had some pipes: so he could make noise
he had working pipes: so he could eat, drink, pee and poo
he had working ears: so he could hear
3. What is intended with "their plight"?
what they deserved
what they wished for
a difficult and sad situation
4. "She railed at the doctor." What does to rail mean?
to spend time feeling sorry for yourself
to complain about something or somebody in a very angry way
to laugh in a silly way because you are embarrassed or nervous
5. What does the expression "to come out of your shell" mean?
to become less shy and more confident when talking to other people
to go crazy in enjoyment
to leave the parental home
6. What is meant with the breakdown lane?
the lane in which you drive and have the biggest chance of breaking down
the lane where you go when you want to stop at a gas station
the lane where you park your car when it has broken down
7. What does the expression "something smells fishy" mean?
there is something with a very bad smell
there is something suspicious going on
there is somethig that hasn't been cleaned properly
8. What does "to pry" mean?
to try to find out information in an annoying or rude fashion
to pass information, knowledge to other people
to talk about other people's private lives, often in an unkind way
9. Do you know what "driftwood" is?
wood that is very light and is able to float, and is therefor used for boats
wood that the sea carries up onto the shore, or that floats on water
wood that is used to build homes for drifters - people who only stay in places for a short period of time
10. Now that you've read the poem, can you quess the meaning of the word "Melancholy"
clear and easy to understand
experiencing a lot of criticism
very sad or making you feel sadness

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