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Cali100 said:
Jul 22 '09, 2:28PM

Ummmm i got 51% american. you dont have to actually know everything about your country to be an have to have the urge to poke something dead with a stick to be american, duh!

stuckon95 said:
Mar 3 '09, 3:07PM

OK..I give...where can I see the answer key..I'm stuck on 95%

hungluu02 said:
Dec 10 '08, 2:00AM

I am Hung Luu, a Vietnamese living in VN, this is the first time I am trying to take the test, and I get 75 %, not bad. But I think it's not too difficult for me to pass the test. You see, I need time to learn some more knowledges.

jojo staires said:
Nov 17 '08, 11:34AM

im trying to be a citizen here.. give me a real test

quizlover13 said:
Jul 23 '08, 6:05PM

I got an 85% and I like history...

jess_artist said:
Jul 10 '08, 5:26PM

I got 85%, but I went back and learned, took it again and got 100% I did not know the Declaration of independence was drafted 11 years after we broke free from Brittan. The speaker of the house is 3rd in Nancy Pelosi as president...Canada anyone?? and i do believe minimum wage has gone up to 5.75, not 5.15 any longer. Thank god i make more than that or i would live in a cardboard box.

J_Bro said:
Jun 7 '08, 9:00AM

i got a 95%. most would say pretty good, since i'm only 14. but, then again, i spent the last year in social studies learning about american history... i'll for get it in a year, anyway.

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