Mystery Quiz........

This is a mystery test.If you're smart enough,you might just be able to guess the special things about this test.Finish the test and don't walk out,it's worth it.At the end,if you still haven't noticed,there is a surprise.So stick with me and see.

Will you notice the mystery?Are you gonna get the surprise?Do you have enough smartness to guess it?Read the questions carefully and see the magic.Im bored man seriously.Good luck. (You'll need it sport.).Seriously,you'll need it dude.

Created by: Mr.Fredialgapedaxa
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1. Finish this test.It's worth it.
2. Choose a number
3. Sunset passes and midnight closes the sky
I understand
what the heck?
4. 3 kids walk to the woods with their robes with red hoods......
I understand
I don't understand the point of this (bare with me,it's worth it.)
5. One falls and one more dawn passes
What the?
i understand this clearly
don't understand it
can't wait for the result
6. disappearing in the midst of the trees,noon comes and a dustnado is starting to form something
I don't understand
I understand clearly
Stay.It's worth it.
7. a figure walked around and found a blood trail leading to a cave
What the
No I dont understand
i understand
8. a man took a guy inside some dark place and everything became silent
What kind of twist is this?
I dont understand
No no no
9. light went out on someplace....then screaming was heard until the place started shaking
I don't understand
Stay with me.We're almost there
10. afternoon went.a man came out on a broken place who fell to ashes and formed a trio when midnight struck
There,we're done
I didn't understand anything
Nice twist

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