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There are many fans of an famous actress, actor, writer, poet, politician etc, but only some of them are true fans.The true fans are those who know everything like the life history, favorites & so on about the particular person.

Are you a true fan of Katrina Kaif, an actress of Bollywood & a British Model. So now guys lets come and test who are the true fans of Katrina & who only taking the name of being a great fan.

Created by: Priya
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1. Where Katrina Kaif was born?
New York
Hong Kong
None of these
2. What is Katrina's Ethnicity?
British,Kashmiri Indian
British,Gujrati Indian
British,Tamili Indian
None of these
3. When she was born?
15 July 1984
13 July 1984
19 July 1984
None of these
4. What is her original name?
Katrina Kazi
Katrina Turquotte
Katrina Khan
Katrina Sharma
5. What is her favorite color?
All of these
6. When she started her modeling career?
11 age
13 age
19 age
14 age
7. What is Katrina's favorite book?
Peter Hunt
The shining moon
All Sidney Sheldon's
All of these
8. What is Katrina kaif's favorite movie?
Namaste London
Jab we met
All of these
9. What was Katrina's first assignment?
Titain campaign
Scooty campaign
Jewelry campaign
All of these
10. What was the name of Katrina in her movie "Boom"?
Rina Kaif
Piya Kaif
Ria Kaif
Priya Kaif
11. What is her height?
12. Who are her favorite actresses?
Madhuri Dixit
Hema Malini
Kajol Mukharjee Devgan
Both 1 & 4
Both 2 & 3
13. In which year Katrina have the lowest number of movies
14. Who has directed Kaif's first movie "Boom"?
Kaizad Gustad
Karan Johar
Siddarth Anand
None of these
15. What is Kaif's marital status?

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