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thomasshea said:
Apr 26 '10, 8:20PM

i like your music justin its amazing yes im going to your concert in memphis yay !!! i know im going to have so much fun (: my mom said that she will do anything to get me there (: and she really loves you to

Justin Beber1 said:
Apr 26 '10, 3:28PM

Ya u guys know my crush ..... ohhhhh im gonna go chill in the recording studio..Peace

Justin Beber1 said:
Apr 26 '10, 3:26PM

Thnxx you guys for caring so much to learn about me yall comein to my concert and ya u guys are amazing fans!

MikaylaHeart said:
Apr 25 '10, 6:03PM

his fav color is purplr his Bday is march 1sT or march 14,he has a crush on beyonce and talorSwift,his eyes are brown

MikaylaHeart said:
Apr 25 '10, 6:02PM

OMG I got 100% ,I really did

kayleabieber said:
Apr 25 '10, 1:35PM

uhm, i know EVERYTHING about justin bieber, and whoever made this quiz obviously doesn't. His favorite color is blue, not purple. That's his trademark color. Get it staright.

Muirgen said:
Apr 25 '10, 1:28PM

Lol I got 2 right! XD
I don't know much about Jusin Bieber...

jasimine said:
Apr 17 '10, 12:37AM

look hoe dnt be calln black plp loseres i wil go shoot up hoze u heard me south side no 4down negro and if u got smething 2 say i will buss u n ur face just call 9107409876

Leslie8 said:
Apr 11 '10, 12:43AM

Justin bieber is amazingly hoooott , ! ! And if youu dnt like him dnt take theese quizis loserz

hollister said:
Apr 9 '10, 7:06PM

if u guys don't like him then why do u take these quizzes? i think he's hot and his new cd has awesome music on it.

hollister said:
Apr 9 '10, 7:05PM

if u guys don't like him then why do u take these quizzes? i think he's hot and his new cd has awesome music on it.

BrainBlow said:
Apr 8 '10, 7:49AM

This quiz lacks a vital option for each question: "I don't know".
I don't know anything.

dog20 said:
Apr 7 '10, 10:40PM

me to XD

mgirl60 said:
Apr 4 '10, 6:56PM

lol I don't even like him! I'm gonna laugh when his voice changes! XD

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