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bigjustine said:
Feb 28 '11, 4:53PM

why did you steal my name?

bigjustine said:
Feb 28 '11, 4:53PM

Malea, you sound like a complete b----. This person is obvisly from England ( the language you speak ) so if she says mom as mam, then it's mam because it is her language so she knows what it is. Derr

bigjustine said:
Feb 28 '11, 4:39PM

Why you having sex with my MAM?

bigjustine said:
Feb 28 '11, 4:28PM

Stop being homophobic!

bigjustine said:
Feb 28 '11, 2:52PM

i think your mam also took my elephant and ate it, cos she a big mama jama

bigjustine said:
Feb 28 '11, 2:15PM

Tell her i want my cheese back

Malea12345 said:
Feb 28 '11, 2:15PM

because my mom.

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