junior high word problems

this is an easy math quiz and the little bo peep has lost her sheep and little jo jack is hitting the sack with little bo peeps sheep which bleet and ba with happy ness because they are in a new story that doesnt revolve around little bo peep

the easy question about the apple is very easy and after jo jack was done hitting the sack with the little sheep bo peep got mad and hit jo jack with a base ball bat

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1. I had $50 I bought a t-shirt for 37.50 and an icecream for 3.50 how much do i have left?
2. My annoying quiz making assistant annoyed me for 360 minutes how many hours did she annoy me
12 days
6.1 hours
6 hours
3 years
3. My other annoying quiz assistant is running a 20 mile marathon she passes one person every 1/3 of a mile how many people will she have passed by the finish?
4. You have three apples and your brother eats four and a half. How many do you have left?
-1 1/2
5. At a local department store in Walla Walla Washington is having a sale. A shirt's original price is $50 the discount 1/2 off with an additional 10%, how much is the discounted shirt?
6. you have $70 in your checking account you make a check for $125 what is your current balance?
7. You are eating at a local pizza parlor, three people share a pizza evenly, on person only eats half of his share. How much is left?
1/8 pieces
7 pieces
1/6 pieces
6 pieces
8. There is 21 kids in a classroom. Three kids wear glasses, two wear contacts, and the rest have niether. What is the proportion of kids with glasses to kids with contacts?
9. Your class takes a test, the grades are 85,71,99,71,31,30,71,52,89, and 52. What is the mode?
10. you and your brother are making a box. the dementions of your box is 4x4 the dementions of your brothers box is half the dementions of your box how many of your brothers boxes could fit in yours

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