Is He Into You? (girls only)

Has that guy been spending more time on your mind than usual? Wondering if he feels the same about you? Yes, boys can be hella confusing, but girls, here's the cure.

Is that guy feeling you like you're feeling him? Or is it just another one of those boy illusions? Find out what's really going on. *In some cases, this might not be accurate. If this ever happens, tell me about it. Cause I'm a girl and I still don't completely understand boys. hehh.

Created by: emelissa
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2. What is your gender?
3. Has he ever talked to you?
Yuup, he always starts conversations. Sometimes on the most random topics.
Yeah, he usually starts off teasing me. And that leads to other topics.
Yes, sometimes he's joking around with me, other times it's about school.
Yeah, the average talk about school. A few jokes here and there.
Not really, except a few homework questions in class.
No, but I think he might want to.
4. Does it ever feel like he's watching you?
Yeah. But I'm not sure because I'm too afraid to look back.
Yeah, when I turn back, he turns away. But then I feel it again.
Yeah, but he's really talking to someone in my direction.
Yeah, but I think he was just staring at the other pretty girl beside me.
Yeah, and when I look back at him, we catch eyes for a moment.
No, I wish he would.
5. Have you ever had physical contact with him?
Not really, just those everyday hallway brushes.
Yes, he's been giving me really friendly hugs.
Yeah, he's tapped my back to ask for answers in History.
Yeah, he always pokes me or play-hits me.
Yes, it's always something different or funny. He doesn't really care if he embarasses himself in front of everyone while does it.
Yeah, we're buddies so those friend-nudges now and then.
6. When he sees you in the hall while he's with his buddies he....
Waves, says "(Yournamehere)!" and continues talking with his boys.
Comes up to talk for like a minute and goes back to his friends.
Tells his friends to go on without him and he seems really happy to be talking with you.
Just looks at you.
says, "Watch this," to his friends and comes up to bug you.
oh, he doesn't really see you. Not even a glance.
7. Does it sometimes seem that he treats you different from other girls? (a bit more polite, or a bit more try-funny/loud, or a bit nervous or quiet... etc.)
Heeeelll yes. It's a total difference when he's near me than any other girls.
Sometimes. Idunno, maybe he's just moody?
Yeah, kinda but it's probably just because I don't know him much?
Not really.
Yeah, I've been noticing that.
Kind of; but he mostly treats me like one of the boys.
8. When he sees you talking with a 'possibly flirting' guy he...
Seems to be looking over at you but you can't quite catch him.
Doesn't notice. cause he's busy talking to his friend (who's a girl).
Points and jokes. In the end, he gives you a big thumbs up.
Invites himself into the conversation until the other guy leaves.
Sees, but doesn't seem to care.
Looks kind of frustrated.
9. In class, When you talk to him (If you talk to him)in a group, he....
Is busy on his assignments but is still trying to fish out words you say.
Is already caught up in another conversation.
You haven't talked to him.
Catches some glances of you.
Looks straight at you and actually tries to pay attention to what you say.
Is paying a lot of attention to your girl classmate.
10. When someone says "OoOo, (yournamehere) and (hisnamehere)!" or something like that, he...
Says, "Who's that?" or "Who's (yournamehere)?"
Blushes and waits for you to say something about it.
Says, "EWW, no!"
Goes red and says, "(thepersonwhosaidthat'snamehere) and (someotherperson'snamehere)!" or ignores it if you're in a crowd.
Says, "Naw...."
No one's ever said that about you two.
11. Has he ever offered to do you a favour (carry books...etc.)?
Yes, once or twice.
A LOT of times.
No, but if I ask him, he'll do it.
Well, once because it really looked like i needed help.
12. When you talk with him, who usually starts the conversations?
He does most of the time.
It depends, sometimes I start it sometimes he starts it.
I mostly start them.
Another person who happens to be talking to both of us.
ugh, I told you. I haven't talked to him yet.
13. Does it seem like all of the sudden you're seeing him around you more often?
Yeah, I'm not used to seeing him this much.
Often? How about always?!
Kinda, I've been seeing him around here and there.
Not really, I see him as much as I see all of my classmates.
14. How do his friends react when they're in a group with him and you pass by?
It get's so noisy. I hear a lot of "OoOo"s.
I haven't noticed.
I think I saw a friend of his give him a nudge once or twice.
They all kind of look at me and then continue on with what they were doing.
They don't really care.
15. Has anyone ever mistakened you two as a couple, or suggested it?
Yeah, once or twice.
Yeah, but he immediately said "Eww, no."
Yeah, we just joke about it.
Yeah. All the time.
16. Does he ever remember little things that you say or do and bring them into conversations.
We still don't talk.
Yes, it's weird how he keeps track of those things.
Yeah, once or twice.
Yeah, but it was hard to forget that.
Every so often

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