If you were a horse, what would your name be?

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All horses have different personalities. Some are lazy, some like to run and play. Some are bossy, and some like making new friends! My horses all have different personalities!

So do you want to know which of my horses you are most like? Take this quiz and find out if you are Dakota, Sadie, Poot, Prince, Tucker, or Bo! They're all very different and you might be surprised by which horses name you will get!

Created by: amazon
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3. Your going to a party and there is TONS of free food there. Which of the following would best describe you in this situation?
I'll only eat if my friends are eating.
I'm going to get what I want first, everyone else needs to get in line behind me!
I'll eat when everyone else is done, I don't want to get in anyones way...
I would rather be outside enjoying the nice day...
I'm going to eat so I have more energy to run and play later! Play play play play play!
I'm not leaving the table until the food is gone!!!
4. Your friends are all going out and having fun, but your grounded... What do you do?
Throw a fit and yell and scream until I'm allowed to go too!
Eh.. whatever. I'll go with them next time.
WITHOUT ME?! No one can have fun without me. Thats just nonsense.
I'd rather stay at home and eat anyways.
I don't really care, I can have just as much fun by myself.
I'm a little upset, but I won't make a big deal out of it.
5. Your sitting at your usual lunch table with your friends when a bully comes over and tells you to get lost. What do you do?
Get in their face and tell them they need to get lost!
Oh no! I'm out of here! Your run away before the bully can finish his sentance!
You leave but whisper an insult to the bully under your breath as you walk away.
You argue with the bully, but eventually give up and leave.
You apologize and leave, you don't want to be on anyones bad side.
You leave only because the bully is bigger than you, but if he was your size you'd tell him where to go!
6. You just got asked out on a date, where would you choose to go?
Wherever I want to go!
Somewhere with good food!
I don't care as long as I'm having fun with a new friend!
I'll go wherever my date wants to go.
To an amusement park!
Somewhere calming and outdoors, like a park!
7. Which kind of friend would you prefer to have?
I don't care, I love any kind of friend.
Someone that I can boss around. I like being in charge!
Someone who is calm and won't try to boss me around. Pushy people scare me!
Someone who likes to run and play as much as I do!!!
Someone who enjoys laying around and eating!
A strong leader that I can always count on!
8. If you were a color, what color would you be?
9. How many friends would you like to have?
I don't care as long as they all like having fun!
You can never have too many friends!
5, Many more than that and I won't be able to keep control!
At least two, one who I can depend on and one that I can boss around
Maybe one or two calm friends.
Three friends would be good for me!
10. Which of these places would you prefer to live?
In a big city where there's always something going on!
Out in the country, I like open spaces.
In a small town where I can have lots of close friends!
It doesn't really matter to me, as long as theres good food!
Somewhere that I can have lots of time to myself!
A place where I can always know whats going on!
11. What is your ideal day?
Laying out in the sun for a few hours napping, then having some good dinner and another nap!
Being with my friends, having a good time!
Telling people what to do! Its exhausting being me!
Hanging outside with a couple of friends.
Running running running, jumping around and more running!!!
Haning out by myself, I need a day away from everyone!
12. You and a friend get into an argument. What do you do?
Wait for them to apologize, of course. I'm always right!
Run away! I don't like it when people yell at me!
Immediately apologize! I hate it when people get upset!
Go find another friend to play with!
Go outside to cool off for a little bit. We'll work it out later.
Forget about it. It will all be forgotten eventually.
13. You would rather...
Be by yourself
Hang out with friends
Watch what everyone else is doing
Chill outside
Have something good to eat
Run run run run run run run run run play run!!!!

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