I can guess your age!

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doglovergirl said:
Nov 29 '15, 1:08PM

6-10 ...CORRECT!!!im 9 ya i guess ...FOLLOW ME!!

doglovergirl said:
Nov 29 '15, 1:04PM

6-10 ...CORRECT!!!im 9

Random101 said:
Nov 28 '15, 10:27AM

You were only a year off.

Dark Umbreon said:
Nov 23 '15, 2:27PM

one year off I'm 15 not 16-20 but I am pretty mature at time so... OK

Totalove0 said:
Nov 20 '15, 3:35PM

10. He got it just on the border. I thought he would say I was like, 5 or something cause I'm a little rebellious and immature but he got it right! Imma take it a second time.

gamerx said:
Nov 19 '15, 4:19PM

it got it wrong

Etini said:
Nov 14 '15, 12:23AM

I'm 10
It said 6-10

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