I can guess your age!

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binni sharma said:
Jun 28 '15, 1:17PM

absolutely correct! my score is 16-20 and i am 16

Say wha said:
Jun 27 '15, 2:56PM

I'm 13, it was really right! Smack between 11 and 15!

Say wha said:
Jun 27 '15, 2:55PM

Doomstone, it's because you still act 10

Say wha said:
Jun 27 '15, 2:53PM

11-15 yup

Ray Gao said:
Jun 26 '15, 5:36PM

User said:
Jun 25 '15, 6:09PM

I can guess your age!
Your Result: 6-10


You are still a child, but getting older! You are now in school, probably elementary school. You are still into childish things, but soon you'll grow out of it! I hope that is your real age!





That is correct coz i'm 10 omg this person is good

cece246 said:
Jun 25 '15, 3:29PM

11_15 im 11

Mangle352 said:
Jun 25 '15, 9:28AM

ALOT of people are my age and i got 11 15 ... alot of people are 12

turewerewolf said:
Jun 24 '15, 9:10PM

16~20. Actually I'm 10 everyone says I act older and look older, plus I'm actually very mature for my age so its not really surprising (well to me anyways) :)

PUTZthecat100 said:
Jun 24 '15, 2:53AM

11-15 I'm 12 * does an epic jump high five*

Bloodblade_IM said:
Jun 24 '15, 12:18AM

11-15! Correct :D!

Doomstone said:
Jun 23 '15, 8:07PM

Wrong not 6-10 I'm 11

Day_dreamer said:
Jun 23 '15, 5:49PM

16-20 yup, I'm 16 but wish you'd keep a shorter range to make it more fun...

blisseskissesx said:
Jun 23 '15, 2:11PM

I got 21+, I am currently 18, mentally correct. :-)

1 Twilight Fan said:
Jun 23 '15, 9:45AM

Wow, everyone seems to be getting 11-15. I got the exact same too! And I'm actually 12. 0_o xD

shoottowin said:
Jun 23 '15, 8:54AM

11-15. Correct. I'm 12 years old. I will be 13 years old in the 23rd of August.

Kalapie said:
Jun 23 '15, 12:23AM

You are correct! 11-15

Marissa_1234 said:
Jun 22 '15, 11:18PM

I got 11-15, you're right ;)

Remember Joy said:
Jun 21 '15, 6:04PM

I got 16-20 but I'm 11.

DreamOfNight said:
Jun 21 '15, 3:09AM

16-20. yup, you're correct.

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