I Bet You Can't Score Higher Than 60%

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Whiplash said:
Jan 9 '15, 11:48AM

you will die within 2 days if you do not post this comment to over 5 quizzes. when ur through press f6 and your crushes will appear on the screen

Ronney said:
Jan 9 '15, 3:06AM

Whaaat!!!! I scored 0%

SavannahJaneHawk said:
Jan 7 '15, 12:34PM

Did you win? 100%

Good job.You did it!You completed my challenge.You are really good at this.I don't know what else to say.Bye!Yay!

Cobalt said:
Jan 7 '15, 10:47AM

Aww, I got a 0. LOL. And stop posting chain letters!! Nobody will kiss you on the nearest Friday.

Nialler_GA said:
Jan 6 '15, 11:37AM

I love this quiz!

StephenRockers16 said:
Jan 6 '15, 10:26AM

How does this quiz make sense, and XxChill, don't give answers to tests

worrellraven said:
Jan 5 '15, 11:02PM


AlBranch1125 said:
Jan 5 '15, 9:59PM

Hi! I got 100%!

AlBranch1125 said:
Jan 5 '15, 9:58PM

xXCHILLXx said:
Jan 5 '15, 5:07PM

The answers are j, 5, and bed.

HockeyGoalie33 said:
Jan 5 '15, 2:35PM


abby1 said:
Jan 5 '15, 2:08PM

Eh quiz

dreamheart said:
Jan 5 '15, 11:14AM

I keep gettin 0 make better even my quiz is better

dogsbuddy said:
Jan 3 '15, 3:21PM

I got 0% :(

ColliesRule35 said:
Jan 3 '15, 12:00AM

33% oh well :)

DoctorMacine said:
Jan 2 '15, 10:05PM

Did you win? 67%

This box is for 51-67 so you either failed or you won the challenge.Good job you successfully completed my challenge.Im sorry if you didn't complete my challenge.

7 more!

agentmotherboard said:
Jan 2 '15, 8:15PM


unstopablepanda3 said:
Jan 2 '15, 6:16PM

Great quiz

Lightine306 said:
Jan 2 '15, 6:03PM

Entertaining! I love quizzes that involve luck!

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