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Test your Bible knowledge against our best Bible trivia quizzes! You will find many just below. Do you know your scripture beyond just the Gospels? See what score you get and compare it with your friends.

Bible Trivia Quiz List

  • The English Master's Ultimate Bible Quiz
    [by: English Master, rated: rated: 3.27/5, published: Jan 12, 2008]

    Many people would claim to know the Bible... this quiz will be the start toward finding out just how much you DO know, from the genius of the English Master. …

  • Bible Literacy Certification Test
    [by: Larry Dozier, rated: rated: 3.02/5, published: Nov 15, 2010]

    Do you consider yourself to be biblically literate? I'm not talking about religion here, but simply about your academic knowledge of the Old and New Testaments.

  • What are the books of the Bible?
    [by: Jamie Seawall, rated: rated: 4.27/5, published: Aug 17, 2006]

    Test your knowledge about the Books of the Bible. Do you know all of them, or just a few? Do you know the stories behind them, who wrote them or maybe who…

  • Ultimate Bible Quiz
    [by: Kathy, rated: rated: 4/5, published: Jan 5, 2007]

    Nearly everyone has read or heard some part of the Bible, but few have become true Biblical students. The Bible is a rich and wonderful compilation of 66…

  • Bible Trivia Fun
    [by: Deidre Vest, rated: rated: 3.62/5, published: Aug 6, 2008]

    Ok, here is a little test to see how well you know the Bible. Some are easy, some are tough and some are life examples. Take your time and see how well you…

  • SWORD DRILL!!! Bible Quiz
    [by: Jenny, rated: rated: 3.46/5, published: Jan 22, 2007]

    There are some Bible Quizzes out there. But they're usually not very hard and/or the answers are easy to figure out via a process of elimination. This one…

  • How well do you know the Holy Bible?
    [by: HBT, rated: rated: 3.29/5, published: Dec 8, 2008]

    Holy Bible Trivia presents 10 Questions from the King James Version Bible. Read several concluding comments based on your final score. You might want to say a…

  • Bible Knowledge Test
    [by: Lydia, rated: rated: 3.23/5, published: Nov 21, 2007]

    Anyone who attended Sunday school as a kid knows that Jonah was swallowed by a whale, but what else in the Bible do you know? Test your knowledge and see. You…

  • What's your Bible literacy
    [by: darleene, rated: rated: 3.2/5, published: Mar 16, 2007]

    A lot of people call themselves Christian, but some of those same people don't know much about their Bibles. You don't need to go as deep as your pastor or…

  • Bible Challenge
    [by: Tash, rated: rated: 3.2/5, published: Jan 20, 2007]

    Many people have a basic bible knowledge but haven't really sunk their teeth into the book. This quizz is designed to go a little deeper and see how much you…

  • How To Know The Bible Better Test
    [by: Chris Van Wyk, rated: rated: 3.14/5, published: May 29, 2007]

    Ah, the Bible. An extremely controversial and talked about subject (and highly dissected, I might add). To the clever mind, the Bible may have mistakes. To…

  • Bible Brain Buster
    [by: Wayne B. Houseknecht, rated: rated: 3.07/5, published: Jan 23, 2007]

    There are many things that most people, even non-Christians and non-Jews, know about the Bible; however, most do not know the finicky details that real,…

  • So You Think You Know the Bible?
    [by: Gina Sutton, rated: rated: 3.04/5, published: Dec 16, 2008]

    Thank you for stopping by to take this quiz! This is a pretty simple quiz based on the O.T. books of the Bible. If you love the Bible and find it interesting…

  • The Pastor's Bible Quiz
    [by: Pastor Bobby, rated: rated: 3.02/5, published: Jun 29, 2007]

    You think you know God's Word? Let's find out. This is not your typical Bible quiz with only one really plausible answer. You might have to think about…

  • How well do you know the Bible?
    [by: Hezron, rated: rated: 3.01/5, published: Sep 21, 2010]

    This quiz is mainly about the israelites during the days of Moses and Joshua. All scripture references and quotations in this quiz are taken from the King…

  • Ultimate Bible Trivia
    [by: Danielle, rated: rated: 2.93/5, published: May 20, 2008]

    There are many smart people but few really know God's TRUE UNFALLIBLE Word. This Quiz is based on the King James Bible and consists of 40 brain rattling…

  • Bible Trivia Quiz
    [by: Jack Hopkins, rated: rated: 2.87/5, published: Dec 10, 2007]

    Details from the Bible are rich in importance. Those who know details about the stories in the Scriptures are blessed because they truly know what is being…

  • The Different Names of God
    [by: Johnnie Wright, rated: rated: 2.84/5, published: Apr 1, 2010]

    This quiz was created because my pastor and I searched for a bible trivia on the different names of God. It is important to know that God's names reflect his…

  • Bible Trivia Quiz No. 2
    [by: Jack Hopkins, rated: rated: 2.67/5, published: Jan 10, 2008]

    What is a Bible scholar? Someone who knows details in the Scriptures and understands the deep meanings. Have you read the Bible completely through? I suggest…

  • Holy Bible vs Mass Media
    [by: Matt, rated: rated: 2.59/5, published: Aug 3, 2008]

    There are two types of knowledge that exist and those are wordly knowledge and biblical knowledge. What we do with this knowledge will determine many things…

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