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For fans of the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Discover which character you would be. And would you survive until the end?

Our The Hunger Games Quizzes

  • Which Hunger Games Character Are You?
    [by: Jack, rated: rated: 3.34/5, published: Apr 26, 2010]

    Do you love The Hunger Games Series. Well than you will love this quiz that accurately tells you who you are most like in books 1 and 2. I love this series!

  • Would You Survive the Hunger Games?
    [by: Ellie, rated: rated: 3.56/5, published: Mar 13, 2012]

    The Hunger Games is a series of books about life, love, and humanity. The characters are relatable and intriguing. The Hunger Games event is a horrible game…

  • Which Hunger Games Character are you?
    [by: Jordan Miller, rated: rated: 3.5/5, published: Dec 29, 2009]

    Have you ever read the book the Hunger Games? Come and take this quiz to find out which of the unique characters you are!

  • How Likely are you to survive the Hunger Games (Lit Version)
    [by: Foxface, rated: rated: 4.67/5, published: Mar 5, 2018]

    Are you strong enough, smart enough, skilled enough to be the last survivor standing?

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