How will you die

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NightRain said:
Jun 15 '13, 2:07PM

being eaten by animals,please! i like to go in the forest but i rarely get chances and it cant possibly happen that an animal can come to my home...duh!
(and by the way i am new here and somehow i am addicted to these quizes lately :D)

enc147 said:
Apr 16 '11, 4:36PM

I'm scared of wild animals. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! That is all.

Ellis Redding said:
Oct 19 '10, 3:46PM

Ya I'm gonna get eaten by animals just what I wanted, no point in my body going to waste.

Parham6 said:
May 4 '10, 9:08AM

I'll get murdered but I'll kill my murdered before I die!

i_am_VAMP said:
Feb 12 '10, 2:11AM

lol i got eaten by wild animals. How dramatic.

hipvicar said:
Jan 18 '08, 4:12PM

Learn to spell and then die, please.

yunomi said:
Jan 10 '08, 5:14PM

i'ma die?

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