How well do you know your disney movie quotes?

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EmmyTheViolist said:
Oct 17 '14, 2:37AM

100%. I live in Florida. We have annual passes. Newest ride? Easy. The seven dwarves mine train. Change almost finished? Disney Springs

cocksucker69 said:
May 31 '12, 2:59PM

85% b----ezzzzzz

pongo500 said:
Feb 10 '12, 2:17PM

80% not bad :)

Horseluver said:
Jan 19 '12, 8:17PM


Horseluver said:
Jan 19 '12, 7:53PM


Lil hihi said:
Nov 25 '11, 12:39PM

What 39%?!?! Jk it's good... Ish

stratifiedy92 said:
Aug 5 '11, 9:56AM

59% huh

bryana_fannin said:
Jun 14 '11, 4:29PM


EGGLES96 said:
Apr 12 '11, 3:20PM

44% FAIL!!!!!!!!!

Steph1204 said:
Feb 26 '11, 3:24PM


Steph1204 said:
Feb 26 '11, 3:23PM


Actress97 said:
Nov 12 '10, 7:45PM

i got 29% suck it!!!! (jk....... or am i?)

Aero87Girly said:
Dec 10 '09, 10:46PM

23% boohoo. i didnt think i did that bad. awesome quiz tho.

Rockstar29 said:
Jan 4 '09, 3:45PM

Nice quiz

bman rox 202 said:
Mar 28 '08, 10:02AM

i got 85% its pretey good

collxx said:
Jan 20 '08, 9:36PM

i got100%....i love disney

airmastr said:
Nov 1 '07, 9:23PM

75% 4 me

elfenqueen said:
Oct 20 '07, 1:33PM

I was looking for much older movies.....this was still good..but where can I see the correct answers?

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