How Well Do You Know That '70's Show?

For the generation that grew up in the '70s, or have grown up in the '90s and seen a similarity between the two decades, this show is for you. This quiz is also for you, to test your knowledge on the popular Fox series "That '70s Show"

Do you know what its like to live in one of the most unique decades of modern history? Have you watched "That '70s Show" and related to it, no matter what age you are? How much do you think you know about the show? Test your knowledge here!

Created by: yeahman
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1. What make of car does Eric Forman drive?
2. Why does Red give Eric his old car?
He buys a new Toyota
Gas prices are too high
Eric begs to get it
All of the above
3. What does Jackie consider to be a sign of maturity from Hyde?
He stops wearing sun glasses indoors
He stops drinking beer in public
He smokes less weed
He shaves his sideburns
4. What is Red's way of trying to stop Eric and Donna from getting married?
Ground Eric
Take away the Vista Cruiser
Push the wedding date closer
Refuse to pay for the wedding
5. What happens to Kelso's first van?
It sinks into the ice on a fishing trip
It rolls off a cliff
He loses it in a contest
It breaks down in California
6. What "stinky" item do Fez and Hyde place in Kelso's van?
A stink bomb
Expired milk
Old Indian food
A dead fish
7. Why does Kelso leave to go to California?
He is attending a police academy in C.A.
Jackie asks him to get married
He needs to move to support his daughter
He catches Hyde and Jackie making out
8. What genre of music does Hyde start listening to when Jackie breaks up with him?
9. How does Eric end up in a dress?
He drinks because Donna's leaving for college
He smokes too much in the circle
He loses a bet to Hyde and Kelso
He wants to know what its like to be a bride before he marries Donna
10. Although the viewer knows marijuana is being smoked in the series, what is the only item ever consistently shown burning in "the circle?"
Newport Cigarettes
A book of matches
A Zippo lighter
11. How do Eric and Leo pay for their meal at the truck stop?
Selling weed to truckers
Smoking out the waitress
Washing dishes
Painting the trim along the walls
12. When Eric takes Red to a Packers game, how does he disappoint the other fans?
By spilling beer on them
By cheering for the Bears
By dropping hotdogs on them
By cheering for the Patriots
13. What blue car does Red get and cherish?
14. Since what age has Eric had a crush on Donna?
15. Where does Donna get the nickname "Hot Donna?"
From Jackie
From a local radio station
From California
From Casey Kelso
16. Although Eric already plans on moving to Africa, what makes Red view this as his punishment rather than his free will?
He catches Eric smoking weed
He finds out Eric wrecked his sports car
He finds out Eric has been stealing his beer
He finds out Eric went to California without his permission
17. Who wanted to steal Donna away from Eric on their first date?
18. Why does Red accept a job at Pricemart?
The job pays well
Bob won't offer him a job
The plant shut down
He wants to work with Eric to keep an eye on him
19. How does Kelso get his second van?
He receives it as a gift from his uncle
He wins it in the lottery
He is the last person to keep his hand on the van in a contest
He buys it from a local used car dealer
20. Which of the following isn't a catchphrase from the series?

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