How Well Do You Know Strange But True Facts?

There's a difference between someone who knows random fact and being an expert on the matter. Sure, everyone knows mosquitoes prefer blondes over brunettes (right?), but experts will be sure to cruise right through the quiz.

See how your "strange skills" match up in this quiz. You'll be sure to learn a thing or two about how odd things can get. Think you probably know everything there is to know on the matter? Go ahead and prove it.

Created by: Jennifer of Are You For Real!?
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1. How much was the creator of the Nike Swoosh symbol paid for the design?
2. How long does the average office worker spend looking for lost files on a daily basis?
5 mins
12 mins
35 mins
50 mins
3. The shape of a pizza with one slice removed inspired the designer of PacMan.
4. On average, it takes one year for an elephant to give birth after conception.
No Way!
For sure
5. Months that begin on what day always have a Friday the 13th?
6. What food item with the Virgin Mary sold on eBay fir $28,000?
Apple Pie
Grilled Cheese
Pasta Salad
7. What percentage of people under age 35 like to Tweet, Facebook and/or text after sex?
8. A lock of Elvis Presley’s lusciously gigantic hair sold for $18,300 in an auction.
Has to be true
Never in a million years
9. What city’s museum got busted for displaying a pile of thread as Amelia Earhart’s hair for 20 years?
New York City
10. The Harlem Globetrotters made Pope John Paul an honorary member in 2000 while visiting the Vatican.

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