How well do you know star wars?

Star wars will always be one of the most classic science fiction movies ever, no matter what happens. Yes, there is Avatar and Star treck, but there is only one star wars! (actually there are six, but whose counting?!)

Are you the ultimate star wars fan? Are you sure? If you said yes, than think again!!! I bet that 100% of all the people who take this quiz will epically fail it, please prove me wrong.

Created by: Superketchupman
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1. Who is Luke skywalker's dad?
Owen Lars
Darth vader
Darth sidious
Obi wan kenobi
Han solo
2. What planet was Luke skywalker born on?
Polis massa
He was not born on a planet, he was born in space.
3. What monks lived in the jabba's palace before he took it over?
The Jedi
4. How was C-3PO found by anakin (hint: not in an escape pod like in episode 4)
Anakin didn't find him, he built him from scratch
A friend gave C-3PO to anakin
Anakin saw him walking in the canyons alone so he took him home and fixed him up.
Anakin found the droid's pieces in the dirt.
5. How many people (and aliens) were in the seperatist counsil?
6. What other movie directed by George Lucas did the actor that played han solo play a major roll in?
There were no other movies
I am number four
Indiana jones
Sherlock holmes
7. What plague raged through space and traveled by spreading in cargo ships?
The amedda plague
The stalgasin plague
The death seed plague
White death
The plague of utai
8. There is a mural of something in palpatine's living quarters on corescant, what does it portray?
The Jedi council
The clone army
The corescant skyline
The great hyperspace war
A starship exploding
The last great sith lord and his apprentice
9. What is darth vader's dying words?
Tell your sister... You were right
I'm very sorry
Go ahead... Save yourself...
10. What is the name of the separatist ship in episode 3 that anakin crash landed?
The invisible hand
The wampa
The suicide
The apocalypse
11. What is the name of the manufacturer that created yoda's kashyyyk escape pod?
The duke gadal-herm's safety inspectorate
Lazlar Lyricon
I.C.S.B. (intergalactic coruscant ship builders)
Colicoid designing co.
Z-gomot ternbuell guppat Corp. (zug system)
Uurbahhahvoovv Joiners & Artisans
12. How many DBY-827 heavy turbolasers does Venator class star destroyer have, and how many blast intensities?
7 and 8
8 and 7
54 and 12
12 and 54
175 and 15
15 and 175
13. In the background of episode 3 in the mon calamari dancer show lobby, there is a man who is posing as a captain but really isn't, what does he call himself?
Captain Racine
Captain trode
Captain jobal
Captain faytonni
Captain ruwee
14. Who was the youngest senator ever to be elected to the imperial senate before the election of princess leia organna?
Mon mothma
Padmé amidala
Chi eekway
Ask aak
15. What droid breaks down before being put to work for Luke and forces him to get R2-D2?

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