How well do you know Sonic and the Black Knight?

There are some people who have played Sonic and the Black Knight (no, not Batman's DARK Knight) and some people who haven't. Those who have learned about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table in a interesting way, not by learning at a boring school.

Have YOU played Black Knight? Beaten it, maybe? Or have you not, you just know about King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table? Then take this QUIZ! Those who only know about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and NOT Sonic and the Black Knight are destined to score badly.

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1. How did Sonic get to the kingdom?
Black Knight summoned him
Shahra from Secret Rings sent him there
He was knocked out by a Knight of the Round Table and woke up there
He picked up Caliburn and he was teleported there
Merlina said a spell and Sonic fell there from the sky, holding two chili dogs lol
Sonic ran there
2. Where did Sonic get Caliburn?
he pulled it out of the ground at the Misty Lake
He ran into Caliburn
Black Knight left Caliburn on the ground and Sonic found it
Caliburn jumped into Sonic's hands
Nimue the Lady of the Lake gave it to him
3. Where did Sonic fight Black Knight for the final time?
Shrouded forest
Camelot Castle
A Knight's Passage
Dark Hollow
Crystal Cave
4. Why did Merlina betray Sonic?
She was evil the whole time
She wanted life to end quickly for Sonic
She was jealous of Sonic's mastery at swordsmanship
she thought she could make Sonic more than just a simple squiore in Knighthood
She wanted life to NEVER end, but Sonic knew it was best for life TO end so you got to live life while you can
She was actually played as Eggman in the story
5. In the previous question, which song was played in the last cutscene before the credits?
Live Life While You Still Can
Life Can Never End
Live Life
Knight of the Wind
Fight the Knight
Everyone Dies Sooner or Later
6. When Sonic met the crying child and was told there was a dragon, what ACTUALLY was concluded?
the crying child was Black Knight in disguise, and he SUMMONED a dragon
the crying child was right, there WAS a dragon
the crying child was Merlina, telling Sonic that the dragon was going to destroy him in 4 minutes
the crying child was Lancelot, luring Sonic in for a fight
the crying child was the Lady of the Lake, telling Sonic there WAS no dragon, she just wanted Sonic to complete the 3 tasks she mentioned
Answer 5... but there WAS a dragon
7. Which chivalry did Sonic nearly fail to obey?
"A Knight must always listen to the King"
"A Knight must never flee his foes"
"Such sympathy is an insult to a Knight"
"A Knight must give up if its too rough"
"When a Knight fails his king he must take his own life"
"Theres more to a Knight than to serve your king"
8. At the end, why did the Knights of the Round Table claim Sonic as King Arthur?
Sonic destroyed King Arthur and was King Arthur II
Sonic had the Excalibur in his possession and had used it to become invincible
Sonic used the Excalibur's power to strengthen Caliburn
Sonic had destroyed the Dark Queen, something King Arthur had done awhile ago
Everyone discovered Sonic was King Arthur's nephew
Sonic wasn't claimed as King Arthur
9. Which of the following Knight of the Round Table Knights didn't have really a sword, but two blades?
Sir Sonic, Knight of the Wind
Sir Lancelot
Sir Galahad
Sir Gaiwan
Sir Perceval
Sir Lamorak
10. What were the two storylines called?
A Knight's Fate and a Knight's End
A Knight's Fight and a Knight's Mission
A Knight's Tale and a Knight's Quest
A Knight's Beginning and a Knight's End
A Knight's Tale and a Knight's Fight
A Knight's Swordsmanship and a Knight's Armor
11. What is the final smash (like Unleashed mode in Sonic Unleashed) called?
Knight's last blow
Final blow
Sharpness of Sword
Soul Surge
Unleashed Mode
Final Slash
12. What did Gaiwan find out when he went to put his sword in one of the barriers?
King Arthur was still alive...just a spirit
King Arthur was dead
King Arthur's Excalibur was stolen
King Arthur never actually HAD the Excalibur sword itself, but the scabbard
King Arthur NEVER welded Excalibur
that he was at the wrong end of the barrier
13. What was Black Knight really?
alive but Sonic killed him
a spirit
an illusion
real but survived from his fight with Sonic
Merlina in disguise
Caliburn's previous owner
14. What were the Knights of the Underworld?
enemies Sonic had to fight
King Arthur's army
the nickname for Knights of the Round Table
Devillish Knights from Hell
Knights who fought along with you
the game never mentioned

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