How Well do You know Seven Super Girls

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Issyisawsome said:
Jul 27 '15, 2:04PM

Hi kaeyln i really wanna meat you can you give me your number you are awesome I really wanna text you

SSG_fan_taken said:
Jul 27 '15, 12:16AM

SSG do u guys have AN email can i have ir to text u guys

Vanessa1 said:
Jul 24 '15, 6:14PM

Vanessa1 said:
Jul 24 '15, 5:54PM

Poppy girl said:
Jun 27 '15, 9:36AM

I love SSG~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! :D

jag421 said:
Jun 11 '15, 11:50AM

I am new to ssg and I would like to know more about it.

jag421 said:
Jun 11 '15, 11:49AM

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