How well do you know Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare?

Hello and welcome to my quiz, please wipe your feet on the way in. This is one of those quizzes that ISN'T for fun, it is one of those HARDCORE quizzes meant for HARDCORE people, such as myself.

But seriously though, this quiz is meant for people that know the game, not for you lot who just take quizzes like this for "fun and entertainment", c'mon! We need hardcore fans to join the ranks!

Created by: Chloe12
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1. How much does the cheapest sticker pack cost?
A. 1000
D. 20000
E. 30000
2. If you press 'Y' on Xbox One controller when you are playing as a Cactus, what happens?
A. It buries into the ground
B.It kills all the zombies on the screen
C. It turns into a flying onion
D. It turns into a giant cactus
E. It respawns
F. It does a special dance move
3. How many plants are you given to start with without opening any sticker packs?
4. How much is the most expensive sticker pack?
A. 10000
B. 40000
F. 100000
5. What is the fruit inside an accessory that goes round Peashooters eyes?
6. What colour is the Chomper?
A. Purple
B. Blue
C. White
7. Can you play split screen without Xbox Gold Live?
A. Yes
B. No
8. If you press 'Y' on Xbox One controller whilst playing as a Chomper, what happens?
A. You don't take any damage
B. The zombies don't attack your garden
C. You bury into the ground
D. You jump really high
E. You teleport to your garden
F. You can run really fast
9. What is the secret map that you can unlock only on Xbox One?
A. Port scallywag
B. Chomp town
C. Zombie mountain
D. Surburban flats
E. Zombie palace
E. Zomboss estate
10. Finally, what do suns do?
A. They are money
B. They regenerate health
C. They make you run faster
D. They kill you
E. They make you invincible
F. They kill all the zombies on the screen

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