How well do you know Orange County?

This is a quiz to see how well you know Orange County. Have you ever been here? Just visited? A transplant? A life long native? This quiz will tell you just how well you do or do not know Orange County.

What pro sports teams play here? What food is famous here? How well do you know our cities? Is it like the TV shows? What about that other smelly county we don't like? Questions in this quiz are about the cities, sports franchises, food, famous people, TV shows, and other items of note from Orange County.

Created by: Jared of Myspace
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1. What is Huntington Beach also known as?
H Bizzle
Skin Head Beach
Surf City USA
Trash Beach
2. What is the name of the baseball team that plays in Orange County?
The LA Dodgers
The California Angels
The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
The Anaheim Angels
The Orange County Angels
The Anaheim Ducks
3. What was the last sports franchise to win a championship in Orange County?
The Anaheim Ducks
The Anaheim Angels
The L.A. (Lower Anaheim) Rams
The Anaheim Bull Frogs
4. What is the correct way to write/spell the name of this burger place?
In and Out Burger
In-N-Out Burger
In & Out Burger
Inn and out Burger
N And Out Burger
N-&-Out Burger
5. Which of the following IS the name of a city in Orange County?
Rancho Santa Claus
Rancho Santa Margarita
Rancho Santa Ana
Rancho Costa Verde
Rancho Queso Rancio
Ranco Playa Azul
6. Which of the follow is not in Orange County?
Lego Land
Disney Land
Magic Mountain
Knotts Berry Farm
7. Which President was born in Orange County
George Bush Sr.
Richard Nixon
Gerald Ford
Jimmy Carter
8. The Airport in Orange County is better known as...
The Richard Nixon Airport
The Tom Bradley Airport
John Wayne Airport
The OC Airport
9. The best Burgers in the county can be found at...
Mc Donalds
In-N-Out Burger
10. True or False: There is a city of Orange in Orange County
11. How many miles is Las Vegas from Orange County (Huntington Beach)?
12. Which comedian grew up in Orange County?
Dane Cook
Steve Martin
Jerry Seinfeld
Jerry Lewis
13. Garden Grove has a festival named for
Adult Film
Illegal Koreans
Car Crashes on Garden Grove Blvd.
14. What is the oldest city in Orange County?
Garden Grove
15. What is the newest city in Orange County
Aliso Viejo
Rancho Santa Margarita
Costa Mesa
16. Who is known as the Huntington Beach Bad Boy
Tank Abbot
Tito Ortiz
Ken Shamrock
Frank Shamrock
Rich Frankland
Anderson Silva
17. The orange county this test is talking about is in...
New York
18. Reel Big Fish is
A fish taco joint
A sports fishing charter
A exotic fish store
A ska band
19. Orange County Choppers of American Choppers fame is in Orange County California
20. You're in Orange County and the wind is blowing west. The wind brings with it the smell of cow dung and meth. Where is this horrible smell coming from?
Los Angeles
San Diego
San Francisco

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