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This quiz is a quiz about lyrics to some of Little Boot's songs. NOTE: I said SOME not ALL. If your favorite song isn't on this quiz, please do NOT complain about it in the comments section. Thank you.

On this quiz are the lyrics to Remedy, Symmetry, Earthquake, New in Town, Magical, Mathematics, Not Now, and Meddle (not necessarily in that order). Please leave good comments and (nicely) leave suggestions about how I could improve this quiz. Thanks.

Created by: Christs Child
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1. From Remedy: temptation ____ but I ___
calls like Adam to the apple/will not be caught
is calling me from afar/am stronger than that
calls like Adam to the apple/can not be faught
is everywhere/am stronger than that
once wore me down/am stronger than before
is vain/am not
2. What is the first line of the chorus to Remedy?
I have a remedy to fix your heart
No more poison, killing my emotion
Dancing is my remedy
Just watch me dance with the enemy, you're not getting my remedy
My remedy is the key to your soul, heart, and body
Don't try to take my remedy from me
3. From New In Town: well, no one ____
knows you like I do
knows this place just quite like me
can guess where you're from
has noticed you except me
has it in for you just yet
here is fun as you
4. From New In Town: I don't have alot of money but we'll be fine. I don't have ______
a dollar to spare
a penny but I'll show you a good time
any fun around here so take me away
a gun but we'll make our own noise
the time of day, but who cares?
any money but you'll support me
5. From Earthquake: I used to make you ___, if ___
feel better/you were depressed
make love to me/you weren't even in the mood
want to go out/we had the time
smile/only for a while
cry/I ever lied
beg on your knees/I wasn't pleased
6. From Earthquake: but ___ a ____ so ___
must you burn/hole/deep into my soul
we should make/scene/we can be noticed
we are/family/don't hurt me
earthquakes are/real thing/don't try to stop me
I love you like/good girl should/so much
you love me like/wild beast/let's attack
7. From Meddle: you don't ___ you don't ___
love me/love me
have to if/want to
know what you'll find/know what she hides
know my name/know anything about me
need me/need this
play nice because/care
8. From Meddle: and you know ____
she don't mean any harm
I wasn't lying
I don't really love you
that it's all fake
people like me like people like you
I wasnt to be with you
9. From Mathematics: and by the time ____, the ____
I multiplied/problem was solved
I calculated the correct solution/question had escaped me
you wanted me/right man had come
your X equalled my Y/equation was solved
I finally understood/problem was different
you wanted me back/time had come for me to move on
10. From Mathematics: and I'll ____ 'cause ____
solve it/you want me to
love you/you're too good for me
believe you/your X is equal to my Y
give up/it's just too hard
leave you/my X isn't equal to your Y
cry/this is harder than I thought
11. From Symmetry: you're the ____ and ___
cold to my hot/the cat to my mouse
black to my white/the dark to my light
blood to my vains/the constant beat to my heart
rain to my thunderclouds/wet to my dry
sun to my moon/the water to my air
night to my day/the left to my right
12. From Symmetry: so tell me ____
what am I to you?
what you want me to be
what you want to see
how opposite are we?
are we meant to be?
what I should do
13. From Magical: everything _____ when ____
is magical/you're near
works out/you're here
is forgotten/I see you
is magical/you're hear
is perfect/you cast your spell on me
sucks/you're not around
14. From Magical: feel your ___ in ___
love/my heart
touch/my dreams
hand/my pants
magic/the room
15. From Not Now: Woke up in ___ in ___
Paris/an apartment with a view
your bed/a drunken state of mind
a big white bed/the sun
heaven/a white robe
hell/the devil's bed
a small black bed/this sad existance
16. From Not Now: Not now, not now baby, _____
I really don't feel like sex tonight
don't take this moment from me
I'm not ready yet
you can't have me
don't wait for me
can't fight off this desire

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