How Well Do You Know Caillou?

caillou is a great toddlers show, but it also very funny and amusing to older children as well. like toddlers don't understand how funny caillou can be!

take this pretty hard quiz to see how much you really know about caillou! from the easy major details, to the tiny minor details that are hard to find

Created by: Parisworld23

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  1. what is Caillou's hair color?
  2. how old is Caillou?
  3. what is the first lyric in the Caillou theme song? (try not to look it up)
  4. in the episode where caillou goes to strawberry pick with clementine what does he fall on?
  5. what is Caillou's little sisters name?
  6. what is Caillou's cats name?
  7. in the episode where the twins were coming up with funny nicknames for the kids, what was caillou's nickname?
  8. what is caillou's shirt color?
  9. what color is the hat caillou where's the most?
  10. who play's caillou's voice In the show? (try not to look it up)
  11. do you think you know caillou well?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Caillou?