How well do you know about Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

There are some people who play Sonic games, and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is a popular game that came out like 7 years ago or something, and it is STILL a popular game. Nowadays some people are probably playing it on their Wii. I am, but that's because my GameCube broke

Do YOU think you have what it takes to get a good score on this? Have you played Adventure 2 Battle, if not the thrilling sequels? If you get a good grade on this you're in the ballpark with the sequels. You LOVE this game if you score good on it

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1. Okay, we all no Knuckles is fearless. But what level did he seem to have a daunt for?
Wild Canyon
Aquatic Mine
Pumpkin Hill
Meteor Herd
Death Chamber
Knuckles showed no fear in the levels listed above
2. Which level is the daytime level of Pumpkin Hill?
Radical Highway
City Escape
Final Rush
Final Chase
Sky Rail
Meteor Herd
3. Which level came after Sonic refusing to marry Amy?
City Escape
Metal Harbor
Green Forest
Final Rush
Pyramid Cave
Crazy Gadget
4. Why was Shadow not helping Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Rouge, and Eggman in the Cannon's Core?
He died
He was trapped
He felt useless
He wasn't at Ark then
He was, but like Amy he wasn't starring in a level
5. Do to a glitch, who walked behind Amy when she was talking to Shadow before they rushed to the Cannon's Core?
Cream the Rabbit
Espio the Chameleon
Charmy the Bee
Vector the Crocodile
Silver the Hedgehog
Big the Cat
6. Why did that Sand Golem boss in the pyramid cutscene fight with Eggman?
He was manufactured to destroy anything upon sight
Sonic hypnotized him into thinking Eggman was the enemy
Sonic wounded him so bad he went haywire
Eggman accidentally insulted him
That never happened
Because King Boom Boo, the boss ghost, was jealous of him. I don't KNOW!
7. What does Omochao say when you pick him up. Which toy does he say: "Why don't you get yourself a....?
Barbie Doll
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Plush
Stuffed animal
Kitty Cat
Puppy Dog
Teddy Bear
8. What kind of relationship does Rouge and Knuckles show when they fight in the last level before the Cannon's Core? Rouge: You were just trying to hold my hand, that's why you saved me. You're such a creeep!" Knuckles: This isn't a joke you know! Think of what you want Batgirl. I was SAVING the Master Emerald!
Rouge flirted with him. Knuckles disapproved of it
They were flirting with each other
Knuckles flirted with her. Rouge disapproved of it
Rouge blushed but has no affection
...Excuse me?
Hatred towards each other: Rouge was taunting him
9. Did you think question 8 was too long of a question?
What does THAT have to do with anything?
10. Question 9 was an opinion question. It had a right or wrong answer lol. Anyway, why did Eggman team up with Sonic at the end?
Eggman felt sorry for Earth
Eggman felt sorry for Sonic
Eggman thought his grandfather went out of control
Eggman thought his grandfather would already destroy it
Eggman thought it was too late
11. How did Sonic refuse Amy's question for marriage?
"I'll have to think about it...." (10 minutes later) ".....NO!"
"Er...............what do you THINK?"
"Maybe........" (smirks) ".....NOT!"
"YEAH SURE!" (after they saved the world from the Cannon) "Now that the world is saved, NO!"
12. Tails: I can't believe that Sonic would destroy the military buildings, or rob the bank! Wait for me ok Sonic! Im on my way..." Who did Tails ACTUALLY see?
Metal Sonic
Eggman dressed up as Sonic
the WEREHOG lol
13. Shadow fought the Biolizard and ran to stop the Chaos Emeralds. Knuckles' speech to stop it failed because of WHY and then HOW did they stop it?
Failed: Knuckles said it wrong. Destroyed it: Super Sonic
Failed: The Master Emerald shattered. Destroyed it: Eggman shot it with a gun
Failed: Shadow stopped him. Destroyed it: Shadow's Chaos Control
Failed: Biolizard getting stronger. Destroyed it: Super Sonic
Failed: the Master Emerald too week. Destroyed it: By charging the Master Emerald
Knuckles' speech didn't fail, and they stopped the Cannon before Biolizard could take control of it.
14. How did Shadow die in the end?
Sonic killed him because Shadow killed the Biolizard and not him
Shadow sacrificed his life for everyone
Shadow used Chaos Control
Shadow did it to fulfill his promise to Maria
SONIC died; Shadow didn't
Both Answers 2, 3, and 4
15. What did Shadow and Sonic call each other in the fight they had in the forest?
Unreal Hedgehog
16. And finally, which of the following is similar to SA2B?
Shadow the Hedgehog
Sonic Heroes
Sonic Adventure DX
Sonic and the Black Knight
Sonic and the Secret Rings

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