How Thai are you?

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icecreamninja997 said:
Jun 14 '13, 6:26PM

87% Thai............... ........and I'm Cambodian :P

ALLmyflashbase7 said:
Oct 26 '11, 5:52PM

Congratulations! You're semi-Thai

You like Thai food at the restaurant, but haven't prepared it at your house. You probably haven't visited Thailand, but would like to someday. You have probably tried using chopsticks a few times only to give into forks later on. You probably know how to say hello and goodbye and try to sound out the menu phoenetically in English. You probably have some friends who are Thai. Suggestion: buy a travel guide to Thailand.

Blackrosewolf said:
Aug 23 '09, 10:31AM

this was kinda stupid cuz i'm thai and laos but born here,in america

yoruichi said:
Nov 24 '08, 7:09PM

I like this test i am results

results: very thai. sweet i like this test

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