How Stafford are you?

This quiz is an attempt to help just a little bit to put the county town of Staffordshire on the map. It is sorely overlooked in local and national news, except when it's bad, e.g. Stafford Hospital!

Are you a Stafford nut? A clever sausage with facts about this lesser-known West Midlands town at your finger-tips that you didn't expect? Pay a visit if you haven't already.

Created by: David
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1. What town never appears on the West Midlands weather forecast map on Midlands Today TV?
Stoke on Trent
2. What is 68 square km, lies between Rugeley, Cannock, Stafford and Lichfield, and is designated an area of outstanding natural beauty?
Stafford Rangers football ground
Cannock Chase
Trentham Gardens
Alton towers
Victoria Park
3. What's the biggest fire hazard in the West Midlands?
The timber-built Bear Inn in Stafford
RAF Stafford
Trentham Monkey forest
Alton Towers
Lal Bagh Curry House in Lichfield
Evode Limited, Stafford
4. What is the full name of the football team in Stafford?
Stafford Town
Stafford Wednesday
Stafford Albion
Stafford Wanderers
Stafford Rangers
Stafford United
5. What kit do Stafford Rangers play in?
All red
Blue and white vertical stripes
Grey and green horizontal hoops
Black and white vertical stripes
Pale blue
All white
6. Name a famous band that came (come) from Stafford
Led Zeppelin
The Pogues
Boney M
The Climax Blues Band
Pink Floyd
The Proclaimers
7. Name a famous band that came (come) from Stafford
Led Zeppelin
The Pogues
Boney M
The Climax Blues Band
Pink Floyd
The Proclaimers
8. Which famous factory used to grace Stafford town?
Lotus shoes
Raleigh Cycles
Huntley and Palmers biscuits
9. Where is Stafford?
Between Truro and St. Ives
Between Canterbury and Faversham
North of Kendall
South of Brownhills
Between Birmingham and Stoke-on-Trent
West of Liverpool
10. What famous playwright heralds from Stafford?
Harold Pinter
Alan Ayckbourn
Alan Bennett
Noel Coward
None of the above

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