How Somerset are you?

So you think you know Somerset do you! Well lets see shall we. Answer the next 10 questions and lets see if you make the grade of being called a true Zummerzetean.......

Somerset is a place of beauty and wonders from the magnificent views from the mendip hills to the magical caves at wookey hole. But to enter you must first pass our test?

Created by: Paul Wyman
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1. What does these phrase mean to you: oh be'on young un
where have you been
are you old enough
how are you youngman
2. Which Somerset town has a web toed community?
3. What is your favourite tipple?
vodka & coke
Thatchers gold
Brown split
4. What tor can you see from the top of the Mendip hills?
Burrator tor
Glastonbury tor
High tor
Bus tour
5. Somerset is well known for something else besides its world famous scrumpy cider can you identify what it is?
Cream teas
Roast beef
Cheddar cheese
6. What 3 counties is Somerset landlocked/bordered with?
South wales, Dorset & Devon
South Gloustershire, Cornwall & Northern Ireland
Dorset, South Gloustershire & Devon
7. Somerset has 2 gorges Cheddar gorge and 1 other?
Hoods gorge
Ebbor gorge
Somerset gorge
8. Somerset grows numerous types of cider apple. But how many to the nearest hundred is it?
9. Which Monty python star is from Weston Super Mare?
Eric Idle
John cleese
Micheal Palin
10. What year did the world famous Glastonbury festival first start?

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