How Singaporean Are You?

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DarthSidious said:
Jun 3 '16, 5:42AM

This quiz is... lacking you icompetent fool!

Jessica123 said:
Dec 17 '11, 8:03AM

23% lol i don't even know where singapour is.

ctlwx said:
Jan 1 '10, 11:41PM

ehh i am a singaporean but the result was very low. =.= should have put more singlish what ><

egovan said:
Dec 29 '09, 9:14AM

I think it's really funny when someone ask, "where are you from" and I say "From Singapore" and they say, "But you don't look like a Singaporean". How do S'poreans look like??

iheartpurplekheii said:
Feb 20 '09, 7:39AM

i am not Singaporean but i took this quiz to know if there is something Singaporean-ish in me. i was surprised though,when there was a question about there any durian in Singapore?

ambertay said:
Nov 28 '08, 7:29AM

I did this quiz and I m a singaporean and of course I speak singlish! Can't help it! haha lol I mean everybody does that right? as in everybody refers to singaporeans

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